48 hours, crime films with Eddy Murphy and Nick Nolte become a cult

48 hours, crime films with Eddy Murphy and Nick Nolte become a cult

48 hours

Eddie Murphy boasts numerous highly successful productions in his career with the role as the protagonist, but few know what his beginnings were and which production consecrated him worldwide: 48 hours. The franchise carried the classic key of the buddy movie into the 80s, more specifically positioning itself as a buddy cop movie, being 48 hours a crime film. The buddy movie genre saw on the screen the presence of two very different protagonists, forcibly engaged in cooperating together for a common good. This type of dynamic could, albeit with the necessary differences, also be combined with the classic dynamics of the good cop and bad cop. However, the buddy movie was certainly not new at the time, since to trace its origins it is necessary to make a time jump up to 1930 with the films of Laurel and Oil, those of Abbott and Costello, up to the 1930s. '70 with the crime buddy movies of the couple made up of Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder (known for the productions of Wagons lits with murders and Nobody can stop us). The 48 Hours franchise was born way back in 1982 and thanks to its success it continued 8 years later with its sequel, 48 Hours Again.

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48 hours, the cult films of the 80s

The first film in the franchise, 48 Hours , was directed in 1982 by Walter Hill and was precisely called 48 Hours . A good 40 years after its release, the film is today an icon of the genre, having brought all the typical characteristics of the films of the time to the small screen. In fact, 48 hours is full of jokes to the limit, which we could hardly see in contemporary film productions, fisticuffs with a lot of "punch" sounds, semi-naked women and much more. 48 hours is the classic 80s detective story where men mark their territory, never have to ask and constantly try to deceive each other as they run around in convertible cars at a relentless pace. Furthermore, the film had a strong social impact thanks to the work done by director Walter Hill, who brought viewers a real criticism of the system, more specifically of the racism present in those years.

48 hours

The synopsis, cast and voices of the first chapter of the saga

The acclaimed action comedy that made Eddy Murphy a movie star, earning him a Golden Globe nomination for best actor. Nick Nolte is the unforgettable Jake Cates, a cop with a rough character who wants to avenge the deaths of two colleagues. Conman Reggie Hammond (Murphy) gets a 48-hour leave from prison to help Cates solve the case. This forced union sparks lots of laughter and lots of fisticuffs as they both pursue their goals

In the cast of 48 Hours we find Nick Nolte as Jack Cates, Eddie Murphy as Reggie Hammond, Annette O'Toole as as Elaine, Frank McRae as Haden and James Remar as Albert Ganz. The list of actors then continues with David Patrick Kelly as Luther, Sonny Landham as William Bear, Brion James as Benjamin Kehoe and finally Greta Blackburn as Lisa.

But who are the Italian dubbers who gave voice to these indelible characters? The most iconic is perhaps without any doubt Tonino Accolla who gave life to the character of Reggie Hammond! There are Glauco Onorato with Jack Cates, Rossella Izzo with Elaine, Sergio Fiorentini with Haden, Gianni Williams gave voice to Albert Ganz, Mauro Gravina to the character of Luther while Ludovica Modugno to the character of Lisa. To close the circle of skilled professionals we find Raffaele Uzzi in the role of Billy Bear.

48 hours

The synopsis, cast and voices of the second chapter of the saga.

The kids are back in town in the dazzling sequel that reunites director Walter Hill with Eddy Murphy and Nick Nolte. Eight years after the first 48 hours of chaos, Reggie (Murphy) is on his way out of prison. Inspector Jack Cates (Nolte) enlists the ex-con Francis for another seemingly impossible two-day task to nail down an elusive drug lord.

In addition to the great return of the protagonists seen in the first film of the franchise, Kevin Tighe as Blake Wilson, Ed O'Ross as Francis Cruise, David Anthony Marshall as by William Hickok, Andrew Divoff as Richard Ganz and Bernie Casey as Kirkland Smith. The list goes on with Brent Jennings as Tyrone Burroughs, Ted Markland as Malcolm Price, Tisha Campbell-Martin as Amily Kirkland, Oz Tortora as the lawyer, Edgar Small as the judge, Hoke Howell as the desert bartender, Joe Casino is Jeff, Cathy Haase is the bartender and finally Laurie Morrison plays the pickpocket.

The Italian voice actors who lent their voices to the characters in the film are Tonino Accolla, Paolo Buglioni, Dario Penne, Renato Cortesi, Piero Tiberi, Fabrizio Pucci, Massimo Corvo, Riccardo Garrone, Giorgio Lopez, Renzo Stacchi, Anna Cesareni, Mino Caprio, Sergio Tedesco, Mario Milita, Sergio Rossi, Silvia Pepitoni and Leila Lasmi.

The curiosities you need to know about 48 hours

Like any film production, even 48 hours does not lack various curiosities that then led to the success that we have all seen. Among these we find, for example, the great freedom that Eddy Murphy had during the entire production process, thus managing to express himself to the fullest thanks to his acting skills based on improvisation (which in the first instance would seem to have not been much appreciated by the producers). The actor, thanks to his consecration acquired with the first film, wrote the subject of the second film under the pseudonym of Fred Braughton.

Still remaining on the protagonists, how can we fail to mention the work done by Nick Nolte useful for get into character? According to what emerged, the actor decided to make contact with various policemen so as to understand as many facets as possible so as to characterize as much as possible the character assigned to him, which we remind you brought to Nick Nolte perhaps one of the highest fees of his entire career. career.

The success of the franchise

48 hours immediately achieved great success from critics and the public, although this result seems to have been the result of a long work done on the screenplay . From the point of view of numbers we are talking about an incredible box office result of 80 million dollars, a very high figure if we consider that the budget dedicated to production is just 12 million.

Where to see the films 48 hours and 48 hours more

If you have never had the opportunity to see these two cult genres, know that both chapters are now available on the Paramount Plus streaming platform with the HD plan while you can also buy them digitally on Chili and AppleTV (on the latter in the 4K version).

If, on the other hand, you are collectors, and you are looking for a support that can offer you the highest possible quality both in terms of video and audio, last month they arrived on the market the Home Video versions in 4K Ultra HD of both films, 48 ​​hours and 48 hours more.

The quality of the 48 hours 4K UHD editions

From a technical point of view, the new editions of the saga distributed by Plaion bring to the small screen the best result obtainable to date on the market. Compared to the 1080p editions, the new 4K UHD discs are objectively higher quality resulting in more life-filled images. Both feature films bring the classic grain of the past back to the screen, without however taking it to extremes due to excessive contrast, or even blurring it with the use of annoying filters. From this point of view, the films are balanced, with peaks of greater sharpness in the foreground scenes. On long shots, but also in indoor shots, the signs of aging are more noticeable. However, this aspect is not absolutely a bad thing! In fact, thanks to the presence of cars from those years and incredible locations, finding yourself in the 80s will be child's play! From a technical point of view, however, what stands out above all are the colours, simply perfect even in the face of a warm dominant.

48 hours

Having to make a comparison, the difference between the 1080p and the 4K UHD one of the first chapter of the franchise is visible to the naked eye. This comparison was not possible to make instead with the second chapter of the franchise, since we only had the 4K UHD single-disc edition available. In fact, we remind you that the first film, 48 hours, is available on the market in a double Blu-ray + 4K UHD disc edition on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

48 hours

Under the Audio-wise, both films don't bring much commitment from our speaker system, but it was exactly what we expected. Both films are of their age and even then they certainly didn't claim to bring who knows what audio effects to viewers. The audio tracks, in summary, do exactly what they're supposed to do. The dialogues are clean and the fisticuffs are heard with thunderous punches! Of course, don't expect crazy immersion in the surround channels with helicopters swooping directly overhead making you house-shake. Specifically, the 4K UHD edition of 48 now has a two-channel Italian-language track, while to enjoy the Dolby True HD multi-channel track it will be necessary to watch the film in the original language. We have the exact same one, unfortunately, also with its sequel.

If you love the Buddy cop Movie genre

If 48 hours is a genre in your strings, we advise you not to miss it then also titles of the caliber of Lethal Weapon , Beverly Hills Cop or the most recent Bad Boys .

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