League of Legends, the 2023 season is underway

League of Legends, the 2023 season is underway

League of Legends

As always, every year we are close to a new season of League of Legends . The Riot Games MOBA that keeps millions of players glued to the screen. A few days ago, we had the opportunity to participate in an event behind closed doors for the presentation of a lot of news that will concern the new season and that we are sure will make many players happy. Let's start with the important stuff!

Some time ago we already told you about all the new features of the game within the pre-season. In fact, during the past months there have already been many changes that have affected not only the quality of life of League of Legends, but also very important changes to the gameplay. One of these is certainly the return of the Hextech dragon, which reconfirms itself as the right choice with its changes to the map that make the adventure in the wilderness even more dynamic.

Boost to defense, attack and changes to map and game dynamics that make those who conquer it more than once a real fighting machine. As mentioned before, this preseason has not only seen changes to the map, but also to the communication system between players. In fact, after years the ping system has evolved becoming much more practical and above all complete. Now in fact it allows players to be able to report many more actions even without writing it inside the chat. This certainly allows you to be faster in the laning phase.

Furthermore, the changes to the jungle with the inclusion of a companion and those to the runes allow many more players to approach the game more lightly without having to worry about learning all the dynamics right away and therefore receiving a small help also from the game itself.

At the beginning of this season there will also be lots of new features for lots of champions. Including Ahri's ASU, awaited for years by midlaner players. Lots of new skins for new champs will arrive during this season, with an increasingly high level of detail, as Riot has now accustomed its players to for years now.

Now moving on to the part of Matchmaking, there will also be lots of news regarding ranked. The biggest news is that during the 2023 League of Legends season there will be a reset of ranked during the middle of the current year. Dividing the game's seasons into two splits was also a very thoughtful choice, but it didn't happen by chance. In fact, analyzing the data of the ranked matches it was seen that many of the players were struggling to maintain their positioning for a long time. Others instead took a long time.

With the division into two splits we also want to support all those players who can't keep up with the title for a long time, consequently even if you skip a split, or perhaps play little during the first part of the year, you can quietly recover without much difficulty during the second split and the midyear break. This is certainly a great help not only to allow players to have a mental reset and therefore also approach ranked matches in a different way, but also to allow for "mini" seasons unlike a very long one that one carries around for all year round.

Obviously there is no shortage of news regarding the champions of the moor that we have come to love over the years, but with a twist. More than two champions are already expected in the ranks of Riot Games . Milio, Naafiri, are just two of the names of the champions that have already been announced by Riot for this year and that will bring a lot of news also for the styles of play that we are used to seeing in the land of summoners! In short, a really important start to the year is expected for all League of Legends players.z

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