Exceed Street Fighter, review: from coin up to cards!

Exceed Street Fighter, review: from coin up to cards!

Exceed Street Fighter, review

If you are looking for a game that allows you to relive the old 1 vs 1 challenges of the great coin up era, your search could be over! Exceed Street Fighter , distributed by Studio Supernova , is a card game for two people , aged 10 and over , which will allow you to start matches lasting about 15 minutes . Assuming the role of one of the four greatest fighters in the world, taken directly from the famous video game Street Fighter , you will have to challenge your opponent in a fight with no holds barred from which only one can emerge victorious.

The Materials

As usual, before going into the details of Exceed Street Fighter let's take a quick look at the components that make up the product. The box is rather compact in size and not particularly heavy: two elements that make this game a product that can easily be taken with us for a quick "fight" at a friend's house or in a ludic association. Opening the container, the first thing we will see is the regulation: 24 (mini) pages, it sets out the rules and presents, throughout the reading, numerous game examples that examine all (or almost all) possible game situations . In all honesty, while doing his job fairly well, there are some points that are not entirely clear.

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