iMac with 27″ Retina 5K Display 29% off on Amazon! UNMISSABLE!

iMac with 27″ Retina 5K Display 29% off on Amazon! UNMISSABLE!

If you are looking for a computer with all the trappings, which can more than worthily support you at work or in the study, it is clear that your preference is towards a desktop computer and not a laptop, we suggest you pay attention to this excellent Amazon offer , thanks to which you can buy a splendid 27″ iMac, at a truly unmissable price!

How much are we talking about? Of €1,459.00, which is not a lot for a device of this quality, especially considering two significant factors, namely: the original price of €2,049.00, and therefore discounted by 29%, and the fact that traits of an Apple product, or a device that is not inclined to depreciate, even years after its release.

Arrived on the market in 2020, and today very difficult to find, the The 5K iMac is one of the most interesting desktop computers ever produced by Cupertino, so much so that today it is the subject of a large market of used and/or refurbished devices.

Also on the official Apple website, this specific model is now untraceable, if not reconditioned, and at prices higher than those offered here directly by Amazon! but why all this interest?

First of all we are talking about a PC with an excellent quality/price ratio, specially designed for professional and technical use and, therefore, fast and agile, thanks to its excellent technical sector, which boasts, above all, a processor Intel Core i5 6-core 3.1 GHz , supported by an AMD Radeon Pro 5300 graphics card and an ultra-fast SSD, making this beautiful computer ready to tackle even the heaviest workloads.

However, where iMac 2020 really shines, and in every sense, is with its spectacular Retina 5K display, practically unique in the entire Apple proposal, both fixed and portable, and able to offer a billion colors and a brightness of 500 nits, so that the images are always exceptional, and even the texts are always clear and legible! The details are truly exceptional, amplified by the excellent True Tone technology, which guarantees a more natural brightness and less strain on the eyes.

Last but not least, this iMac model not only boasts exceptional performance under every point of sight, but also an excellent security and privacy system, possible thanks to the integrated Apple T2 Security processor, thanks to which it is possible to take advantage of the protected boot and encrypted storage functions.

Furthermore, this chip is also at the basis of the operation of the 1080p FaceTime HD camera which, having a partially dedicated chip, can express itself at its best in technical terms, thanks to functions such as face detection.

Read also: The best 15 games on Apple Arcade In short, as you will have understood we are talking about a truly exceptional device and, in some ways, also "rare" to be found on the market, especially if it is new. For this, we just have to send you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the offer, with an invitation to make your purchases immediately, so that you can grab this excellent product before it runs out or, worse, the offer ends completely!

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