Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | December 2022

Minecraft: Top 10 Mods | December 2022


This very long 2022 has finally come to an end, full of news in the videogame field that has kept us company throughout its duration. Even Minecraft was no small feat, and this new year will bring with it the highly anticipated update to version 1.20 of the game. And while we wait for the new content to arrive, what better way to spend our time in the sandbox than with mods? Precisely for this reason, in the following paragraphs you can find a selection of the 10 mods that we believe to be the best of the month of December!

The mods that we will present to you shortly are available for both Forge and Fabric, and as always we have tried to vary as much as possible. In this article, therefore, you will find mods of all kinds and suitable for all types of players, whether they are veteran, hardcore or casual. Also, if you need guidelines for installing mods in Minecraft , we leave you directly to our dedicated article .

#1 — Carpeted Stairs & Slabs

Modloader: Forge | Fabric Versions: 1.19.2 Additional files: no Release date: December 5, 2022

Minecraft Let's start this list with a mod that will certainly be very useful to all  builders. The Carpeted Stairs & Slabs takes two of the most used blocks in construction, namely the steps and the slabs, and adds the possibility of modifying them by placing one of the 16 colored carpets already present in the game on them. In this way it is possible for all intents and purposes to finally change the color of these two blocks, so as to make them decidedly more versatile and to be able to use them in the most varied contexts.

Whether you use the steps and/or the slabs to decorate your interiors, or to give more dynamism to your structures (why not both?), with this mod it is possible to give even more space to your creativity thanks to the particularly bright colors of the carpets, without necessarily having to make do with the colors of these two types of blocks.

#2 — Swashbucklers!

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: December 18, 2022

Minecraft Through this mod the oceans of our worlds will become significantly more interesting, thanks to the addition of various pirate fleets . There will be a new random event, i.e. rather destructive raids by pirates who will attack us to try to destroy us. If we survive their attacks, we will have the opportunity to make their fleets our own and navigate the oceans of the game with much more style!

Fleets are not limited to just a mere aesthetic addition: in addition to being fully functional as a boat, it is also possible to equip them properly for real expeditions, for example by adding trunks or even a cannon, another new addition of the mod.

#3 — Animalistic

Modloader: Forge Versions: 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional Files: GeckoLib Release Date: December 16, 2022 If you are tired of the usual cats or dogs in Minecraft and would like to have new companions, then this mod is perfect for you. Animalistic implements as many as six new animals that can be trained and follow you, but also help you, wherever you go.

The mod proves to be very functional: each of these new animals has its own specific skills, so you need to bring along one  pet rather than another can make a big difference. Among these, in fact, some can be ridden to fly, while others allow us to explore the surfaces faster, or again, they have a chest inside which we can deposit our objects.

# 4 — More Chests

Modloader: Forge | Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: December 14, 2022

Minecraft There are still many blocks in Minecraft that have not received any substantial changes in terms of aesthetics. Among these we also find the trunks, which have remained almost unchanged in recent years. Thanks to More Chests, however, we can now finally see this fundamental object with different textures: the mod adds a version of this block for each type of wood currently existing in the game, greatly variegating the choice.

In addition to the wooden ones, the mod also implements chests made with the various minerals present in the game, giving more space depending on the rarity of the material. By creating a chest of Netherite it will even be possible to have 162 slots for our objects!

#5 — Better Block Drops

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 Additional files: no Date of release: December 11, 2022

Generic photos This mod makes exploration, and especially the collection of materials, easier and more effective. Better Block Drops adds new drops to some of the most common blocks when they are broken, such as dirt, stone or sand. If before breaking a simple block of earth only that single drop was obtained, thanks to the mod it is also possible to find sticks, crops or even minerals!

Minecraft is available on all major consoles, and you can buy it on Amazon.

#6 — Chunks Fade In

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional files: no Release date: December 5, 2022 Chunks Fade In takes a feature directly from the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft to replicate it within the Java Edition. What this mod does is make the transition between one chunk and another a little more linear and less "sudden", just like in the portable version of the game. Therefore, when a new chunk is loaded, instead of appearing in front of us out of nowhere, it will have a fade and pop-up effect. And as if that weren't enough, the entire mod is customizable to be able to make this animation as close as possible to what we would like to see.

#7 — Gnumus Settlement

Modloader: Forge Versions : 1.19.2 | 1.18.2 Additional Files: GeckoLib , Better Combat Release Date: December 4, 2022

Minecraft If you're tired of always encountering the same creatures and structures when you explore your Minecraft world, this mod comes in your help. The Gnumus Settlement not only adds new buildings, but also new entities, including the protagonists of this mod, namely the Gnumus. These new hostile monsters will give a hard time to anyone who gets close to them and their homes, so arm yourself properly before facing them!

Taking out these mobs obviously has its advantages: first of all, many Gnumus drops can be used in different ways to give huge amounts of experience, saving you several hours of  farming . The most important object of this mod, however, is a new tool with which it is possible to undermine any type of block, thus saving a few slots in the inventory and many materials that would otherwise be invested in creating all the appropriate tools.

#8 — Nicer Skies

Modloader: Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 | 1.19.2 Additional Files: No Release Date: December 14, 2022

Minecraft Even something as simple as looking up in Minecraft can become a beautiful experience. With the Nicer Skies, in fact, the sky will take on a more lively and mystical aspect, thanks to the addition of nebulae visible to the naked eye. This, together with the stars that now have a small animation, helps to make the sky a real feast for the eyes.

#9 — Better Weather Revived

Modloader: Forge | Fabric Versions: 1.19.2 Additional Files: No Release Date: December 17, 2022

Minecraft This mod is essentially a small reimagining of the weather conditions already present in Minecraft, coupled with a few additions as well. More specifically, with Better Weather Revived we will be able to have acid rain , which will actually damage entities and the ground, or blizzards , which will slow the player down. There will also be calmer situations, such as a simple overcast or a light drizzle, and all these atmospheric events will help diversify the gaming experience to make it more interesting and at times more challenging.

#10 — Structory: Towers

Modloader: Forge | Fabric Versions: 1.19.3 Additional files: no Release date: December 30, 2022

Minecraft If you were looking for a mod that made exploration more intriguing, then Structory: Towers could be for you. The latter implements various types of towers that you can find around your world, which in this way will be slightly more lively than usual. The towers only serve as an aesthetic addition and vary from one another, especially depending on the biome in which they are generated.

This concludes the list of the 10 mods that we believe to be the best of the month of December. Will you try any? Let us know with a comment, and in the meantime we take the opportunity to refer you to the top 10 for the month of November.

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