Vampire Survivors: why was the mobile version made "in house"?

Vampire Survivors: why was the mobile version made in house?

Vampire Survivors

The mobile version of Vampire Survivors has made everyone happy with its totally free release. In recounting the reasons for this choice and the dynamics behind its development, in a final message dated 2022 on Steam, the developer ( Poncle ) explained what vicissitudes led to the autonomous creation of this version. Apparently the general slowdown, also in the DLC field, has good reasons.

Poncle's initial idea was to entrust the mobile version of Vampire Survivors to a developer specialized in this sense. After months of research, however, the only plausible solution, from his point of view, was to do everything independently, since no one embraced his vision of a "non-predatory" monetization. Furthermore, the appearance of many clones of the game gave a further boost to the project.

The urgency to create something prompted the studio to work to the best of their ability, releasing the title on the mobile stores as soon as possible. Not having foreseen having to deal with it personally, and lacking some sector experts, Poncle has indeed released Vampire Survivors on mobile, but with some small missing pieces to be added gradually: "Since we are still without a backend engineer/ full stack, some things may take longer than expected,” it reads. In the message we also find the reasons that led to the free publication of the title: “The mobile phone market works differently from the rest, and by making Vampire Survivors a paid app I would have prevented many new players from trying the game. This is why we ended up with a free-for-real approach, where monetization is minimal and is designed to never interrupt your experience, always keeping everything under your control via a couple of 'view' buttons. ads', optional in-game choices, and without any real input related to the real money around which mobile cashgrabs are usually designed. It's simply the full game, playable offline, horizontally or vertically, with touch controls or with a gamepad.”

Vampire Survivors is currently available on PC and mobile . Its enormous success has left everyone stunned, even its developer, also leading to the release of additional content further appreciated by the community during the year.

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