Kaleidoscope viewing order: 4 different ways to watch the Netflix series

Kaleidoscope viewing order: 4 different ways to watch the Netflix series

Kaleidoscope viewing order

Crime period on  Netflix in this opening of the year. Not satisfied with having offered us Benoit Blanc's second investigation with Onion Glas s and the return of the Bale-Cooper couple with The Pale Blue Eye , Reed Hasting's streaming service chooses to tackle the always exciting atmosphere of heist movies from a new perspective, indeed from several perspectives simultaneously. A plurality of points of view that is already presented by the title of the new miniseries by Henry Garcia,  Kaleidoscope , which arrived on Netflix at the dawn of the new year. The latter proved to be a production with a particular narrative structure that led to wondering what the right viewing order of Kaleidoscope is.

Buy Fire TV Stick 4k with Alexa remote control to watch Netflix directly on your television In a traditional series, the viewing order of the episodes is very precise, but in the case of Kaleidoscope this dogma is no longer valid. To recount this incredible robbery inspired by a true event, Garcia has aimed at a freer scan of the events, creating a narrative path that can be experienced freely by the viewer, without giving a single viewing order for Kaleidoscope.

There is a Kaleidoscope vision order for each viewer: here are some tips

Unraveling over a period of about twenty years and presenting different points of view related to the different characters involved in the story, it is therefore possible to live this experience narrative in different ways.

The only advice we feel like giving you is to always watch Bianco as the last episode, as it is the heart of the story and therefore the bearer of truth which, if viewed at the wrong times, could become annoying spoilers.

Netfix Order Chronological Order Order Rainbow Order F.B.I.

Netfix order

Trivially, the order in which the streaming service presents Kaleidoscope on the own catalog. Removed from Nero, which is the initial message with which the viewer is announced the freedom to view the series, the other episodes follow this precise order. In this viewing mode, the series is 'traditional', following the classic approach of the heist movies à la Ocean's Eleven. The Netflix Order is:

Yellow Green Blue Orange Purple Red Pink White

Chronological Order

Developing over nearly twenty years of time, Kaleidoscope has moments in in which flashbacks become predominant, providing viewers with the necessary emotional background to understand the actions of the characters. If you choose this viewing order of Kaleidoscope, you experience the birth of the criminal plan from its most distant origins to its consequences, placing the heist itself at the center of the vision (the aforementioned White episode) and having two more episodes showing the consequences of the robbery_

Purple Green Yellow Orange Blue White Red Pink

Rainbow Order

Choosing to give the episodes titles linked to the colors is a decision that allows both to appreciate a sort of inside joke on the theater city of Kaleidoscope , New York (the colors mentioned are the same ones that  identify the subway lines of the Big Apple), and to create an order of vision inspired by the rainbow. Following this scheme, we have a viewing order of Kaleidoscope that focuses more on the story in reverse, interrupted only by the two episodes that tell the consequences of the robbery (Red and Pink)

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple Pink White

F.B.I. Order

Not only robbers at the center of the action of Kaleidoscope, but also the inevitable policeman who goes after them. Role that in the Netflix series belongs to the FBI agent, Nazan Abassi (Niousha Noor), a woman with a stormy past who develops a real obsession with this investigation. Following this viewing order of Kaleidoscope, the story is presented as a classic detective story, seen from the agent Abassi's point of view:

Orange Green Purple Red Yellow Blue White Pink

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