The most important news of the week of September 4th

The most important news of the week of September 4th

We felt that the official announcement of Assassin's Creed Mirage would monopolize the readings and discussions on, and so it was: standing out among the most important news of the week of September 4, 2022, the Ubisoft press release started a hype train not to laugh, which will accompany us from now to September 10, the date on which the event will be held in which the future of the series will be revealed.

However, several other things have also happened after the closure of Gamescom 2022: from the curiosities about Destiny 2, Pokémon and Minecraft to the now inevitable statements relating to what will happen to the Call of Duty series once Microsoft has finalized the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, finally passing through The Last of Us Part 1, Halo Infinite, FIFA 23 and The Callisto Protocol.

Assassin's Creed Mirage officially announced

Assassin's Creed Mirage, the first official artwork The leaks were true: Assassin's Creed Mirage is was officially announced by Ubisoft and will be presented in detail during the event that the French house will hold on 10 September to reveal the future of the series.

The protagonist of the game will be a young Basim and the story will tell of his entry into the Occults, as well as of his first missions before the well-known metamorphosis.

According to further rumors, the setting of Mirage it will be the Baghdad of the troubled period of Samarra's anarchy, between 861 and 870 AD, and from the point of view of the gameplay the developers will try to return to the origins of the brand, eliminating the bulk of the RPG mechanics of the last trilogy and the growth system in favor of an approach closer to that of the classic chapters.

If the rumors are confirmed, moreover, Mirage could be the last episode of Assassin's Creed as we know it before the launch of Infinity, the online platform on which new stories and new scenarios will find space from time to time , perhaps even fished among the traditional ones of the franchise. In short, we are facing a possible turning point and we are really curious to know more.

Destiny 2, the scream of a boss is terrorizing the players

Destiny 2, Golgoroth Un once it was used to terrorize the West, now instead the players of Destiny 2 are terrified, due to the scream of a boss linked to a curious bug: when certain conditions are met, the powerful Golgoroth begins to scream and does not stop more, putting a strain on users' ears due to a resounding jump in volume levels.

While reaction videos are mushrooming on social networks, which are quickly turning the matter into a funny meme, Bungie has communicated that I am aware of the inconvenience and that we are working to resolve it with an update. Until then better turn down the volume on your TV or headphones if you find yourself facing Golgoroth.

Call of Duty will be on Xbox Game Pass with other Activision Blizzard games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Ghost in reconnaissance We return to talk about Call of Duty and Xbox Game Pass, and it could not be otherwise: these are two key aspects of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, so much so that Phil Spencer wrote to Jim Ryan to reassure him that the shooter will be released on PlayStation even after the operation is complete, and for several more years.

That said, it is clear that Call of Duty will be available on Xbox Game Pass with Overwatch, Diablo and other Activision Blizzard games: this is a natural condition for all Xbox Game Studios productions and there will be no exceptions, also because the goal of the Redmond house is precisely to reinforce its catalog to make c regain the number of subscribers.

Pokémon, Kadabra may be back soon with a new card

Pokémon, Kadabra Are you a Pokémon fan? Then it will intrigue you to know that Kadabra could soon return with a new card, after twenty years of ban due to the lawsuit between The Pokémon Company and the illusionist Uri Geller, who had sued the company due to the fact that the character seemed inspired by his features, thus causing his removal.

Well, it was Geller himself who suggested that something could soon change: the illusionist seems to have made peace with the Pokémon, we don't know exactly in what terms, and wrote that at this point it is natural that the Kadabra card will also be available again, in all likelihood within the trading card game.

The Last of Us Part 1, a video explains why it is a remake and not a remaster

The Last of Us Part 1, Joel The Last of Us Part 1 is a remake and not a remaster, explains a new video from Naughty Dog that obviously got people talking. The arguments of the development team are clear: every single element of the game has been replaced with an improved version, the scenarios boast a substantially different look, the characters can rely on the same details as their counterparts in The Last of Us Part 2 and the direction in general has changed.

In short, although the story is the same and there have been few changes to the gameplay, since introducing the repertoire seen below would inevitably lead to problems with respect to the original mechanics, what arrived in stores two days ago is in fact a makeover, designed also and above all for those who have not yet experienced the dramatic adventure of Joel and Ellie. Did you read our review of The Last of Us Part 1, yes?

Sony and Tencent acquire more FromSoftware shares

Elden Ring, a game artwork Acquisitions are a thought fixed, but in this case nobody bought anyone. Not yet, at least. It simply happened that Sony and Tencent acquired other shares of FromSoftware, reaching a share of 30%: the Japanese company owns 14.1% of the shares, the Chinese company something more, 16.3%.

Kadokawa remains the majority shareholder and therefore retains control of the studio directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, which with Elden Ring seems to have achieved the goal of clearing soulslike customs with the general public, totaling sales of 16.6 million copies. A package of skills and experience that is tempting to many, undoubtedly, but for now the ownership of FromSoftware is not in question.

Minecraft, user made a reproduction of Hogwarts

Minecraft, Hogwarts Minecraft Castle continues to be a costume phenomenon even today, with its 238 million copies sold worldwide, and many players use the voxel-based sandbox developed by Mojang also to carry out ... alternative projects. Like the user who made a reproduction of Hogwarts, taking six years.

Considering the way in which resources are collected and used in Minecraft, we are talking about a titanic work, which really required a lot of patience and dedication, but which the author still considers incomplete, despite the fact that the castle of the famous Wizarding World school of magic is already explorable. In fact, some details are missing here and there, candles to replace and environments to enrich: better not to rush.

FIFA 23 available a month in advance on Xbox via a glitch

FIFA 23 , two players in contrast A spectacular glitch allowed some users to download FIFA 23 a month in advance on Xbox, exploiting an anomaly linked to the code of the closed beta of the EA soccer game, which allowed the update to the full version of the experience. Those who succeeded in the enterprise immediately shared various information, until the publisher blocked everything.

This is not the first inconvenience linked to the FIFA 23 presale mechanics, see for example the Ultimate Edition in sale at € 0.06 by mistake. Certainly there is a lot of anticipation for this edition, which will be the last to adopt the historical name of the brand before the change that will be made in the course of next year, when the series will become EA Sports FC.

Halo Infinite: local co-op canceled, Season 3 postponed

Halo Infinite, Master Chief and his new partner Bad news for Master Chief fans: Halo Infinite local co-op canceled and Season 3 postponed to March 2023. 343 Industries' shooter calendar still appears to be relatively rich in content, but there is no doubt that these ongoing missteps on the post-launch support front are ailing players, who are already dreaming of a new Halo. developed by one of the Call of Duty teams.

"To improve and accelerate the development of the live service and to better respond to player feedback and quality of life updates, we have reallocated studio resources and we are no longer working on the local split-screen co-op campaign, "the studio said to explain the choices made.

The Callisto Protocol would not work on Xbox Game Pass

The Callisto Protocol, a disturbing presence Finally, we returned to talk about the Microsoft subscription, in this case regarding the sustainability of the service for development teams, with a specific example: Will The Callisto Protocol arrive on Xbox Game Pass? For the authors this is not a title suitable for this type of platform, designed in their opinion for long-lasting open world or multiplayer experiences.

The studio has evaluated this possibility, but has decided to give up: the competition from single player, especially of first party derivation, is too strong and would end up penalizing the fascinating survival horror in a sci-fi setting. A scenario that The Callisto Protocol absolutely does not deserve: on this we all agree.

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