Gaming mice: how to choose the best ones

Gaming mice: how to choose the best ones

Gaming mice

The mouse. One of the smallest peripherals we use every day, yet one of the most complicated when it comes to finding a model suitable for our games. In fact, there are many features to check before buying a gaming mouse.

Although, to be honest, gaming mice are not all that different from traditional mice and you don't necessarily need lights to play RGB or extra keys. What you definitely need, however, is a reliable device, precise in its movements and equipped with a certain degree of customization. And to get it, you don't necessarily have to spend hundreds of euros.

So here's our guide with everything you need to know about specifications, types, ergonomics and much more before choosing the best gaming mouse to buy according to your needs.


ASUS ROG Keris wireless The choice starts with the shape and size of the mouse. Just like clothes, in fact, mice can also have one size and for this reason they can be more suitable for one hand rather than another. If you have a small hand, it makes sense to bet on size S, while those with particularly large hands should bet on L.

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