Among Us: the 3D version developed by a YouTuber

Among Us: the 3D version developed by a YouTuber
Among Us is the game of the moment: it achieved such success that it even surpassed that of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The attention of the world is therefore skyrocketing: nothing to be surprised if a YouTuber interested in making a new version of the game came up.

The YouTuber Dani has decided to invest time and resources in making the 3D version of Among Us, strictly in first person. This means that it has taken every element of the base title (maps, characters, mechanics, including sounds) to re-create them on PC to work in its new version. By resorting to open-source material and a little inventiveness, the YouTuber finally made it.

The result is more than decent, and still very interesting considering that Dani worked alone, using his friends only to test the multiplayer: the video below tells his story and shows Among Us in a new guise. What do you think? Let us know with a comment. And then maybe use this guide to unlock Halloween hats early.


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