Edens Zero: first details and images of the anime

Edens Zero: first details and images of the anime
On the occasion of the panel held at the Tokyo Game Show (which we recall took place in a completely digital version due to the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus epidemic) entitled "Edens Zero Game and Anime Live Stream", the first details of the Edens Zero anime, series inspired by the manga of the same name written and drawn by Hiro Mashima.

Despite the difficulties in processing, always caused by the Coronavirus, it has been confirmed that the anime will start regularly as expected in April 2021.

Part of the staff who made Edens Zero. Yuushi Suzuki (Fairy Tail Season 3) will direct, Mitsutaka Hirota will take care of the script while Yurika Sako (Food Wars Third Plate) will be in charge of character design. Recall that the anime is produced by J.C. Staff (Prison School, One-Punch Man Season 2).

In addition to these first details, a new key visual and the first character designs of the protagonists Shiki, Rebecca and Happy have been released:

Edens Zero, the manga

Edens Zero is still being published in Japan on Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine where it premiered on June 27, 2018; to the credit there are 8 volumes - the 8th was released on February 17, 2020 in Japan - while in Italy Edizioni Star Comics has published the 6th volume.

In the intentions of Hiro Mashima the series should be more long of Rave, which lasted 35 volumes, but shorter than Fairy Tail which instead reached 63 volumes.

Here is the synopsis from Edens Zero Vol. 1:

Young Shiki lives on the planet Granbell together with the robots that animate a huge theme park. One day two visitors arrive, the first to set foot on Granbell in nearly a century: Rebecca, a young creator of digital content, and her blue cat Happy. The three immediately get along and become friends ... They still don't know that this meeting will change their destinies!

Recuperate Edens Zero Volume 1 published by Edizioni Star Comics.

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