Contact tracing: in France the app changes its name

Contact tracing: in France the app changes its name
France has decided to rename its application dedicated to contact tracing: until today known as StopCovid, from now on it will be called TousAntiCovid. The name is new, but the substance does not change. The software will continue to work based on the centralized approach of the ROBERT protocol, unlike what happens for example with our Immuni and with most of the systems used in other European countries.

France, contact tracing: from StopCovid to TousAntiCovid

A decision taken by Paris in an attempt to push downloads, which never took off with obvious negative consequences for the initiative's effectiveness. Available in the transalpine territory since the beginning of June, it has registered a rather slow start in its first two months of availability, without then accelerating.

As already written, the functionalities remain almost completely unchanged, even if the name change brings with it some tweaks to the interface and the introduction of new features such as direct access to updated official data about the pandemic, links to institutional sites and resources and the list of measures to be respected to deal with the emergency.

Those who have already installed StopCovid will automatically receive the update. Up to now, the application has been downloaded and installed by 2.8 million people.

In this regard, today the official site of Immuni has been updated with some new numbers regarding joining the project: 9,229,190 downloads and 22,796 notifications sent by 1,134 positive users of COVID-19 who reported it through the app. These last two numbers could have been far higher with a greater commitment of regions and ASLs: a missed opportunity.

Source: Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé

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