Covid-19: all official data available in Italy

Covid-19: all official data available in Italy
That the situation has returned to being critical could be there for all to see, but the reality is that in the minds of Italians there is more perception of the pandemic than the pandemic itself. The vision on Covid-19 is matured more on talk shows and on social media than on statistical graphs and this for two reasons: because talk shows and social networks affect impulses instead of reason, and also because graphs are often too many complex understanding for those who do not have minimal erudition and the desire to apply themselves in reasoning.

But it is a duty for everyone, even more so in a critical phase like this, to put their hand to official data to understand more completely and thorough what is going to happen. Perhaps not everyone can understand what determines an exponential curve, but perhaps everyone can imagine it by seeing it. On this page, therefore, we collect a whole series of useful information for advancing arguments made within the public debate.

For a debate based on data

Warning: mathematics is not an opinion but it can very easily become one. The data are elements to be handled with extreme caution and skill, because they must be weighed and put in relation with all the "ifs" and "buts" of the case. The advice we provide is not to use this data to support your theories, but the opposite: let's all have a strong critical sense, let's first question our own ideas than those of others. We build an accomplished "data driven" opinion, leveraging official information and carrying out a continuous fact checking of what we hear from politics, from the world of economics, from virologists of all backgrounds, from daily handymen, in the family or on their own Facebook bulletin board.

No information bulimia, moreover: flooding with data serves no other purpose than to confuse. Get to the essentials, find the most important correlations for your reasoning.

The data do not speak, but suggest. Let's learn to listen to them.

Covid-19, all official data available in Italy

Interactive map of the situation in Italy (Ministry of Health) Latest update on the situation in Italy (daily update from ISS and Ministry of Health) Integrated surveillance data in Italy (ISS data) ISS extended report (regional detail) Complete analysis of deaths (infographic) The so-called "previous pathologies": what and how many (regional data) Incidence table and RT index Regional Civil Protection datasets (from Github) Independent report GIMBE Foundation Updated data on Immuni


The following references instead share the state projections statistics matured on the basis of daily data and in the wake of experience with previous case studies.

Covid-19 Projections - Italy Health Data Projections (IHME) Regional Projections (Tosi-Schiavone-Riva) We thank all those who , in the comments, they will add other official sources of data and statistics on the pandemic in Italy: the best sources will be added to this list, so that they can be useful for graphs, calculations, forecasts, but above all reasoning and personal awareness.

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