Trump on social media: COVID less lethal than flu

Trump on social media: COVID less lethal than flu
Apparently Donald Trump is well, returned to being talked about even for the outputs on social networks after a few days spent in a military hospital to treat COVID-19. And among his first posts, one enters with a straight leg precisely on the coronavirus theme, in a delicate moment that sees the pandemic return to global level to record a significant growth in the number of infections.

COVID and flu: the return of Trump

In a speech yesterday entrusted to Facebook and Twitter, the tenant of the White House said that the disease is in many cases, in many populations, less lethal than the flu. Mark Zuckerberg's platform has decided to delete the message, while that of Jack Dorsey has kept it online because it is considered to be of public interest, however, making it anticipated by a notice in which it speaks of a violation of the rules regarding misleading and potentially dangerous.

This is the translation, exclamation points included.

The season of flu is coming! Many people every year, sometimes more than 100,000 and despite the vaccine, die from the flu. Will we end up closing the country? No, we have learned to live with it, just as we are learning to live with COVID, in many populations much less lethal !!!

A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University refutes the thesis supported by the US President in his speech, believing that on the basis of the data collected and analyzed by the scientific community so far, it is reasonable to assume a mortality up to ten times higher between who comes into contact with the pathogen of COVID-19 compared to what happens with those of seasonal influences. All this within weeks of the election that will elect (or confirm) the next tenant of the White House.

Source: BBC

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