PS5: accessories have already been spotted in stores, here are the photos

PS5: accessories have already been spotted in stores, here are the photos
With today the countdown dedicated to the launch of PS5</a> marks exactly one month, at least for us Italian players. In the United States of America, however, the next generation Sony console will arrive a few days earlier; on November 12 to be exact. The date, however, does not apply to all PlayStation 5 accessories which, in the US, will arrive in stores in advance and apparently some retailers have already put them in plain sight on the shelves.

In particular, according to some new photos appeared on the net, it seems that the Walmart chain has already moved forward by filling some outlets with different PS5 accessories. We were told by a couple of customers who also took some photos to testify the presence of the new accessories for the Sony next gen console. But that's not all, even the BrickSeek site, which is in charge of inventory monitoring of several products, indicates that the DualSense is now available in more US cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Ps5 controllers spotted on Walmart 👀

- Destruct (@Destruct___) October 19, 2020

The user who shared the photos on Twitter, however, has not yet been able to confirm whether the various PS5 accessories are already available from Wallmart, but the large American chain is not the only one that has already received several products compatible with PlayStation 5. In addition to the DualSense file that can be seen in the photo, it seems that practically all the official Sony accessories have arrived at the Walmart chain. Meanwhile, the British chain Target has also confirmed that it will begin selling accessories for PS5 starting from next 30 October.

Still no reports coming from Italy where, as we remind you, PlayStation 5 will be available for purchase starting November 19th. What do you think of the decision to sell accessories first and consoles after? Tell us yours in the comments section.

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