Audible gives a 5 euro discount voucher to new members

Audible gives a 5 euro discount voucher to new members
Passionate readers, or rather passionate listeners, today Amazon offers an offer for the subscription to Audible not to be missed. For the uninitiated, Audible is an Amazon proprietary platform that offers a truly immense catalog of audio books, read by authors or by the great voices of Italian dubbing and acting such as Francesco Pannofino, Pino Insegno or Alba Rohrwacher.

Audiobooks: Amazon Audible on offer at 7.99 euros per month with a 5 euro discount voucher as a gift

In detail today Amazon offers a year of subscription to Audible discounted by 20% . With just € 7.99 a month we will have access to over 60,000 audiobooks. However, one of the great advantages of the service is that we will not be bound by the 12-month subscription, but we can cancel at any time. Furthermore, an internet connection will not be required to listen to audiobooks. You can download our favorite books directly to your smartphone or tablet and listen to them offline anywhere and anytime. Finally, the first 30 days will be free and we will bea> able to decide at no cost whether to renew the subscription at the proposed price or cancel it immediately.

Only for prime customers, Amazon also offers a 5 euro voucher to be used on the entire store catalog for the first subscription. You can subscribe to the offer directly from this link to get 12 months of Audible for only € 7.99 per month. Following the twelfth renewal, the service will continue to be renewed for 9.99 euros per month.

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