Microsoft Flight Simulator: The graphics are amazing, here's how they did it

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The graphics are amazing, here's how they did it
Microsoft Flight Simulator is an excellent game, without too much difficulty definable a masterpiece. It is a high-level work for many reasons, starting with its playful qualities, but above all it amazes for the visual technical level. In other words, Microsoft Flight Simulator's graphics are incredible - how did Asobo do it? What tools did he use?

The answer came through an interview given. Asobo CEO and co-founder Martial Bossard explains that Microsoft Flight Simulator uses Azure Microsoft Cloud (as we have known for some time) and the FTech Engine, used by the Forza franchise, Microsoft's automotive simulation saga.

ASOBO confirms Microsoft Flight Simulator uses FTech graphics engine of FORZA game.

If you liked the extreme photorealism of MFS, imagine what has Turn10 with the same engine in next FORZA.

- Siri's Ex. (@ architectu2) October 2, 2020

In the interview the CEO confirms that FTech Engine was “slightly modified to support a large data load “. He also specified that "all the 3D textures and data used come from the FTech Engine in cooperation with Azure".

The level of detail of the game has therefore been reached (also) thanks to the Turn10 graphics engine. This is a very interesting fact also because, as the tweet above indicates, it allows us to already begin to imagine what Turn10 could accomplish with a new chapter of Forza.

Forza, after all, is a simulation too with realistic graphics. If FTech Engine is able to achieve those levels of detail in an environment of literally world-wide proportions, in a game that is "limited" to a track it could create the most beautiful driving game ever (at least from a graphic point of view).

We remind you that Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be available on consoles: in addition to arriving on Microsoft's next-gen gaming machines, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it will also be released on Xbox One. The developers of Asobo Studio have promised that it will be visually stunning even on the older generation. Tell us, in which version do you want to play it?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available in PC format: you can buy it in a Special Edition on Amazon Italy. Also, you can pre-order Xbox Series S on Amazon Italia.

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