Kingston A400 120GB SSD hard drive in super discount

Kingston A400 120GB SSD hard drive in super discount
Do you want to expand the memory of your PC also increasing its speed? Surely you are thinking of buying an SSD and we have the choice that could be for you, on offer on Amazon at the modest price of 22.20 euros for the 120 GB cut, or or 187.48 euros for the 1920 GB one.

SSD Kingston A400 on offer on Amazon

We are talking about the Kingston A400 which allows you to obtain an improvement in the responsiveness of your system, with start-up, loading and data transfer times unmatched compared to to mechanical hard drives. The SSD in question is equipped with a latest generation controller that allows you to reach read and write speeds of 500 MB / s and 450 MB / s with SATA 6.0 Gb / s interface, therefore practically 10 times faster than a hard drive traditional and offers high performance, high responsiveness of multi-tasking processes and a significant increase in overall system performance.

Superior also in terms of reliability and durability, the A400 drive is composed of a Flash memory and thanks to the total absence of moving parts, the risk of breakdowns and malfunctions is lower than a traditional hard drive. The device also offers quieter and less prone to overheating operation, along with high resistance to vibration and impact, making it the ideal solution for notebooks and other mobile computing devices.

The Kingston A400 SSD is available in 2.5 "by 7mm and M.2 format, to suit a wide range of systems. It is ideal for thinner notebooks and systems with limited space. In a nutshell, don't miss this incredible offer on Amazon that allows you to take home the 120 GB memory cut at a 40% discount and the 1920 GB memory cut with a 35% discount.
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