The stolen Windows XP code is genuine

The stolen Windows XP code is genuine
The Windows XP source code that appeared on 4chan last week is genuine. This was stated by NTDEV, an American computer scientist who compiled it, verifying its legitimacy. However, components such as winlogon.exe and several drivers are missing. The videos published on YouTube and Twitter as evidence of what is claimed are no longer accessible, removed following requests made by Microsoft.

Windows XP: the leak is authentic, but incomplete

Lo same goes for the source code of Windows Server 2003, also contained in the leak (where only winlogon.exe seems to be missing) together with those of Windows Embedded (CE 3, CE 4, CE 5, CE 7), Windows NT (3.5 and 4) and MS-DOS (3.30 and 6.0). In May, Windows NT 3.5 and the software on the first console of the Xbox line were leaked. In 2004 it was the turn of Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0.

The analysis of the XP package led to the discovery of the Aqua theme (in the screenshot below), never before revealed, a customization of the interface designed by Redmond group to make the operating system similar in appearance to Mac OS.

The first version of Windows XP was released almost twenty years ago, on 25 October 2001. Microsoft offered its official support to the operating system for over a decade, until April 8, 2014. Although a long time has passed since then, today the platform is still installed on 1.22% of desktop or laptop computers in circulation ( source NetMarketShare). It cannot be excluded that following the leak these may end up in the crosshairs of malicious people if new exploits appear.

Source: ZDNet

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