Anti-abandonment device for cars: today it's free!

Anti-abandonment device for cars: today it's free!
Only for today the anti-abandonment device for cars (which, it must be remembered, for some months has been a legal obligation for anyone with small children in the family) is free. Free, that's right: zero cost. This opportunity is available thanks to the combination of two elements:

the Prime Day discount the Seat Bonus Thanks to the discounts made available on Amazon, in fact, it is possible to buy two anti-abandonment devices for less than 30 euros, knowing at the same time that the 30 euro seat bonus allows you to completely cancel even this residual cost. This possibility, however, is limited to today: while the Seat Bonus will continue over time, Prime Day is destined to end tonight and the costs of the devices will return to their previous levels.

Free anti-abandonment device: here's how

The first step is to ask for the Seat Bonus (detailed instructions here): once obtained, there will be 30 days to use it.

To be able to have the free anti-abandonment device must therefore choose one of the two options available below 30 euros, so that the expense can be completely canceled by the bonus. The two very similar solutions are as follows:

Tippy Pad (€ 29.99) Qshino by UnipolSai (€ 29.99)

In both cases the original price was equal to about 40 euros, brought under 30 only on Prime Day (and therefore only until midnight today). In both cases, moreover, the device complies with the construction / functional technical prescriptions of the decree 2 October 2019, n. 122 which establish the criteria for the enjoyment of the bonus.

Anyone can access the Prime Day offer: Amazon Prime subscribers can access it with a click, while those who are not yet subscribers just have to request the free trial month and take advantage of it immediately.

The opportunity is today

The anti-abandonment device had become a legal obligation in response to some tragic news cases relating to children left in the car by mistake: tragedies that deeply marked opinion public and that have found an answer in simple alarm devices that signal to the parent the possible presence of a child in the car after he has moved away from the car. The lockdown and the pandemic have made people forget everything, but the anti-abandonment device was and remains an obligation and any failure to adopt can lead to penalties of up to 333 euros: just for today adapting is however free, so taking advantage of it immediately is a smart move for the safety of your children and to safeguard your wallet.

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