TP-Link Smart Bulb for less than 10 € on Amazon

TP-Link Smart Bulb for less than 10 € on Amazon
Home automation is becoming increasingly popular also in Italy and this does not only concern large appliances, but also unthinkable elements such as light bulbs. Well yes, if you didn't already know, there are Smart bulbs that can be easily controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Home and thus inserted into the home automation ecosystem. So if you are looking for such light bulbs, Amazon comes to your aid with a great offer.

TP-Link Tapo L510E Smart Light Bulb 33% off on Amazon

We are talking about light bulbs TP-Link Tapo L510E. This is the Smart bulb of the Tapo Range made by TP-Link and equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and brightness control. Tapo L510E does not require external hubs and is equipped with the most advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, even more than a normal LED bulb.

Through the Tapo app you can adjust the intensity of the bulb to your , creating the right atmosphere for every moment of the day and taking advantage of the advanced features to control your bulb even remotely. Once you have created a setting, you can save it to your Shortcuts so you can instantly recall the perfect light for your movie nights, romantic dinners or parties with friends.

The Sunrise and Sunset Mode allows you to automatically adjust the switching on and off of your light bulb based on the time zone you are in and with the aforementioned remote control you can also switch on the entrance light a moment before returning home late at night , or take advantage of the Away Mode to simulate your presence at home when you are traveling.

Tapo L510E is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can harness the power of voice control and let the voice assistants do the work for you. Thanks to a maximum brightness of 806 Lumens, a power of 8.7 W and a color temperature of 2,700 K, this bulb guarantees great visual performance and low consumption. Do not miss the opportunity to buy it at a price of 9.96 euros on Amazon with a 33% discount on the price list.

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