Xbox Series S: because it will sell more for Phil Spencer

Xbox Series S: because it will sell more for Phil Spencer
After several months of waiting, the countdown is definitely shrinking. By now, there are a few days left before the arrival of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. As is known, the two sister consoles proposed by the Redmond house for the next generation of videogames on paper have different specifications and will be able to play the same games , with different resolutions and framerates. The biggest difference, however, lies in the size and presence of the optical reader, present only in the X version, without however these differences being an obstacle for video game developers, according to what Phil Spencer stated.

According to the latter, moreover, the one destined to embody the real challenge for the next gen between the two is Xbox Series S and it will be precisely the attractive price with which it is launched to bring it to splendor. In a long interview with Kotaku, the head of the Xbox brand talked about different aspects concerning the next generation of videogames, predicting that it will be the Xbox S Series that will prevail between the two Microsoft consoles in the long term. Indeed, the Xbox Series S offers the general public the opportunity to enter the next-gen at an attractive cost.

At the same time, Spencer said he expects both Sony and Microsoft to see the initial stock fly off. shelves, however, as he explains: “I think we'll sell every single Xbox Series X and S unit of what we can supply. I estimate that demand will outstrip supply for all pre-orders and initial stocks. I imagine that for both us and PlayStation, it will be the consoles production and supply chain that will determine which market share you will be able to have, more than anything else. Furthermore, I believe that, over the course of the generation, our expectation is that the price is really important for the user and that is why the Xbox S Series will sell more. "

Certainly, with a price of only € 299 it is not difficult to imagine that this console will be the choice for which many will really opt. Only time, however, will validate the hypothesis of the well-known leader. Meanwhile, we remind readers that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will officially arrive on the market on November 10, 2020.

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