Xbox Series X: The interface is 1080p, for the moment

Xbox Series X: The interface is 1080p, for the moment
Xbox Series X, despite pointing to 4K resolution as the new standard (or almost), seems to have the interface set to 1080p, but this may be subject to subsequent changes compared to the version of the console sent to reporters and in any case it also seems to have a shareable motivation.

The fact that the user interface is 1080p for Xbox Series X has obviously already unleashed the inevitable psychodrama on the internet, where the issue is seen in some cases as a sort of unattainable problem, despite one hardly realizes the resolution of an element like the console dashboard.

In any case, Jeff Grubb, among others, who was then one of the journalists who confirmed that the Xbox UI Series X is set to 1080p and not 4K, reported that the characteristics of the interface and its elements are not yet to be taken as definitive. in fact, specified not to consider the user interface currently visible on Xbox Series X as the definitive one and expected for the launch of the console, so the resolution could also be increased in the next period.

However, the motivation has also emerged for this choice, which could also be shared: as reported by John Linneman of Digital Foundry, in fact, the idea behind maintaining a relatively low resolution for the Xbox Series X interface could have to do with the desire to reserve more additional resources for games.

A higher resolution interface constantly requires more RAM memory space, so setting everything to a lower resolution allows you to possibly free up more memory from allocate to games.

As we have seen, recent tests on Xbox Series X have shown that it is quieter than Xbox One X and consumes less, as well as heating less than the previous console.

Well, the big problem for me, more than anything, with the Xbox dash is the low resolution. I was disappointed with Xbox One X only offering 1080p UI rendering when PS4 Pro did native 4K but for 1080p UI to continue on Series X ... that's really not acceptable to me.

- John Linneman (@ dark1x) October 15, 2020

The XSX UI is 1080p right now, but the embargo says specifically not to dwell on the UI elements because it isn't final and will be updated before launch. If it's still 1080p, then that would be frustrating.

- Jeff Grubb (@JeffGrubb) October 15, 2020

I believe they wanted to reserve more resources for games , which is fair, but I feel like the Series X should have enough spare resources to handle a higher resolution UI.

- John Linneman (@ dark1x) October 15, 2020

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