Vimeo Record for video communication of teams

Vimeo Record for video communication of teams
Vimeo also offers a tool specifically aimed at the field of smart working: just presented, Record is a service with a freemium nature that allows professionals to collaborate and coordinate their team work through video recordings.

Vimeo presents Record and winks at the professionals

Unlike what happens for example with Zoom, Teams and Meet, in this case it is a form of asynchronous communication, that is, it does not require the interlocutors to be connected in the same moment and interact in real time. It could be useful, for example, for companies that employ staff located in different geographical areas and who would struggle to organize meetings and find the right time for everyone.

Record is yet another demonstration of how under the guide of Anjali Sud, CEO since 2017, Vimeo is progressively transforming itself from a YouTube competitor in the streaming field into a platform capable of wink at the productivity field: an intent well summarized by its own words.

There is a whole series of business communications that require asynchronous exchange of messages. We want to become the perfect corporate video solution for modern businesses.

Vimeo Record is currently available as a browser extension, as a free download from the Google Chrome store. According to the CEO, about 400 companies have already successfully tested the use of the tool during the testing phase.

As written in the opening, the model adopted is of a freemium nature: everyone can send messages without any limit for free, but for some advanced features such as saving on third-party cloud platforms or video customization are applied rates.

Source: Vimeo
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