DPCM: smart working is strongly recommended

DPCM: smart working is strongly recommended
Where regulations cannot come, as they would impose difficult management situations, recommendations come. The latest DPCM fielded several, hinting at a clear message: if the interventions are not yet sufficiently effective, what is recommended today will become mandatory tomorrow. And so it will be for smart working.

Agile work is "strongly recommended"

The language of the Prime Ministerial Decree signed over the weekend by the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, makes clear an obligation to the PA and a recommendation for individuals. For the Public Administration a percentage to be reached is indicated, a threshold that has been calibrated more to lighten the loads on means of transport than for real needs to contain infections in the offices. For private individuals, the indication is twofold:

for professional activities: "they are also implemented by means of agile working methods, where they can be carried out at home or remotely"; for employers: "It is strongly recommended that private employers use the agile working method, pursuant to article 90 of the decree-law of 19 May 2020, no. 34 ". No further indications, therefore the methods or conditions do not change: it is simply strongly recommended that it be adopted wherever it is possible to leave employees at home while ensuring operational continuity.

The recommendations relating to agile work pursue various purposes: on the one hand there is an attempt to reduce the presence of stay at home and forced isolation from other people (the only real effective barrier to the evolution of the contagion curve).

Only the further worsening of the situation will lead Italy to a more explicit "lockdown" and therefore to a more forced smart working. Companies that have seized the opportunity of the first wave to evolve their organization will now be able to leverage what has been put in place to ensure business continuity; those who have used temporary convenient solutions have a new opportunity to work early.

Source: DPCM 24 October 2020

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