Teams: 115 million active users every day

Teams: 115 million active users every day
If there is one tool among those offered by Microsoft that is benefiting more than others from the race for smart working, distance learning and remote communication, it is undoubtedly Teams. The umpteenth confirmation comes in conjunction with the publication of the financial data for the last quarterly: 115 million daily active users for the service.

The growth of Teams shows no signs of slowing down

More than a growth, a real explosion, considering how in April they were 75 million (+ 53%) and in July of last year 13 million. Satya Nadella comments on the trend: the CEO underlines how the platform has become over time a point of reference especially for professionals.

Teams now has over 115 million active users per day. We are seeing a growing and intensifying use by those who communicate, collaborate and process content together for work, personal or study purposes. Microsoft 365 users have spent over 30 billion minutes collaborating every single day this quarter.

On the same wavelength the words of Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President in charge of Microsoft 365 suite refers to Teams as a hub for collaboration by summarizing the Redmond group's vision for the service quite effectively.

I'm excited and grateful to announce that Microsoft Teams now serves 115 million active users every day. . Thanks to our customers and partners who rely on us as a hub for their collaborations. There will be news soon.

And there is certainly no shortage of news for Teams. The software house is constantly committed to introducing them, thus responding to the needs expressed (and to the competition of Meet and Zoom): the most recent ones announced or implemented concern surveys, file sharing, the debut of the ARM version, so called Together Mode and notification management.

Source: Jeff Teper on Twitter
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