Rai in Lucca Changes: everything you need to know

Rai in Lucca Changes: everything you need to know
In recent years Rai has accompanied Lucca Comics & Games with a series of events and initiatives and also this year, on the occasion of Lucca Changes, the Italian radio and television body will renew its collaboration with the largest fair in Europe, which for the occasion adapts to the times and is completely renewed.

Italian public TV and Radio will take the field to support the event in a historical moment in which support for the restart of cultural events is among the activities of Public Service. It is thanks to this important collaboration that the scheduled activities can also be followed at a distance, to satisfy a wider audience of enthusiasts. Fans will be able to enjoy the event in different ways: from TV to radio via RaiPlay.

So let's find out how to follow the event on the various Rai channels, starting from the radio and newspapers, to continue with the platform on demand and television channels.

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Radio and News

Radio 2 will be the official radio of this edition and will follow the event with exclusive interviews with the protagonists and live social media directly from the stages of Lucca, while the regional newspapers Tgr and Rai News24 will dedicate to the festival services and live links from 115 Campfires will give space to the spaces spread throughout Italy .

On RayPlay

A rich offer is in store for all users of the Rai on demand platform. Original series, exclusive previews and a review of cult films are available!

The Originals

Rai will create a rich TV schedule to which some originals will be added, available exclusively on the platform:

the event held in Lucca Walking with Walt Special Edition, the unreleased show by Graphic Novel Theater Lucrezia Forever! , the meeting with six voice actors La Cena delle Vooci, the interview with Go Nagai, the interview with the daughter of the mangaka Kazuo Kamimura, the interview with Makoto Tezuka, son of the genius of Manga, the mini-doc that tells Lucky Luke, the mini-doc on Jérémie Royer, a meeting with Luca Beatrice and Paolo Barbieri on the Masters of the Fantastic, an in-depth study with Andrea Angiolino on the History of the Game, an interview with the "Master of Dragons" Ciruelo, the celebration of Halloween with the mangaka horror Junji Ito, a live performance by the young Japanese talent Nagabe, a documentary on the Kabuki Theater.


Exclusively for RaiPlay, seven documentaries produced for the previous editions of Lucca Comics & Games will also be available again. In these seven contributions it will be possible to see some of the most important names in the world of illustration such as LRNZ, Sara Colaone, Davide Reviati, Adrian Smith and Alessandro Bilotta.

Writers and their lives

Ample space also for documentaries on the authors of genre literature and their creations (and creatures). In fact, the documentaries Philip K. Dick, a biography of the genius of science fiction, will be available on RaiPlay; Sherlock Holmes vs. Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie vs. Hercule Poirot, two documentaries that tell two geniuses of the yellow through the protagonists of their books; Roald Dahl - To laugh and cry, a monograph dedicated to one of the most popular children's authors in the world.

The films

The celebration of the community event that welcomes the the world of comics, gaming, video games, fantasy, animation and TV series could not be complete without a cycle of films, taken from the RaiPlay archive, a heritage of pop culture. Going to the section dedicated to Lucca Comics & Games, users can watch:

The Hateful Eight, For a fistful of dollars, Gods of Egypt, The labyrinth of the Faun, They called him Jeeg Robot, The imitation game, Goodbye fucking green faces

For the little ones

The animated films of Masha and the Bear, La Pimpa, Barbapapa, Topo Gigio, Gino the chicken, Winx, Huntik, Martin Mystere

The exclusive TV series (and non)

Also within RaiPlay some TV series will find home including the exclusive TV series Stalk, the anthological horror series Blumhouse Into the dark, The extraordinary world of Zoey, The red pier, Mash-up! by Hayao Miyazaki's The Jackal and Sherlock Holmes' nose.


Rai4, a channel that has always been close to the Lucca festival, will dedicate three Wonderland specials to the event in the late evening ( Friday 30 and Saturday 31 October) and in absolute exclusive, the Lucca Comics & Games Awards (the Italian "oscars" of comics and games). Tuesday 10 November will be the turn of the story of this particular edition of the festival with interviews, clips, appointments and chronicles of the events.

On the occasion of Lucca Changes, the TV channel will present three first-time TV series, which will expand the programming offer of the channel specialized in genre entertainment: the sci-fi series Project Blue Book, the Chinese fantasy Tribes and Empires: Novoland's Prophecy and the crime series Ransom.

Rai Cultura will address the issues of Lucca Changes in a special episode of Terza Pagina, broadcast on October 30th at 11.45pm.

On Rai5 there will be the cultural talk conducted by Licia Troisi, where the history and influence on the West of Japanese comics (in rerun Sunday 1 November at 12.00 on Rai 5, Monday 2 November at 1.10 on Rai 3 and available at the page www.raiplay.it/programmi/terzapagina starting from Saturday 31 October).

Rai Guys will propose a show case online dedicated to Topo Gigio: Giulia D’Urso, illustrator of DogHead Animation, will retrace the stages of his animation, while Leo Valli, official voice of Topo Gigio, will remember Maria Perego. To finish live from Lucca there will be a special adventure from L'Albero Azzurro dedicated to Gianni Rodari.

Rai in the Camfires

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Rai Italia will dedicate itself to the story of some activities in international Campfires. Two specials of Italy with you (visible on RaiPlay) dedicated to the exhibition curated by Lucca Comics & Games organized in one of the 12 Italian cultural institutes abroad, broadcast respectively on Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October.

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