Xbox Game Pass: Phil Spencer's low-priced accessories in the future

Xbox Game Pass: Phil Spencer's low-priced accessories in the future
There is now less and less time for the release of Xbox Series X, the new next generation console from Microsoft, apparently the most powerful of all on paper. Although the tremendous interest of fans has been skyrocketing for some time, the head of the brand Phil Spencer would seem to be thinking about something else in this period. In fact, at this moment Spencer is already moving forward thinking about the future of the Xbox Game Pass service, claiming that soon we will see low-cost accessories designed to play directly on the TV.

Phil Spencer was recently interviewed by Stratechery, revealing several interesting information on the present of Xbox but above all on the future of gaming with Xbox Game Pass. We have known for some time now that the US company is focusing a lot on the cloud service, and apparently it seems to be working too well, offering a super affordable subscription with an enviable amount of titles inside. In the not too distant future Xbox Game Pass will enter in direct competition with Google Stadia and the recent Amazon Luna; For this Phil Spencer said that soon we will see some low-priced accessories from Microsoft designed to connect directly to the TV and play streaming through xCloud.

“I think you will soon see low-cost hardware as part of our ecosystem, something like streaming sticks. Something simple, designed to connect to the TV and allow you to play through xCloud. We might even think of something to include in the Game Pass subscription that gives you the ability to stream xCloud games on your TV and allow you to buy the controller. " The Xbox boss also plans to offer a special subscription, called Platinum, which will be able to secure us the most modern Xbox hardware, at a slightly higher price. Basically it will be possible to have a leased console. A truly tempting proposal for all fans of the US brand and for all those who want to get close to it. We obviously have to wait and see if the future is actually so rosy.

What do you think of this news? Do you agree with Phil Spencer's words? Let us know in the comments below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to stay tuned for all the news related to Microsoft and its promising Xbox Game Pass.

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