Cyberpunk 2077: vehicles and fashion in the latest Night City Wire

Cyberpunk 2077: vehicles and fashion in the latest Night City Wire
Through the episodes of Night City Wire the developers of CD Projekt Red are offering us a detailed overview of the contents present in Cyberpunk 2077. We are now close to the release of this highly anticipated role-playing game, so in the recent appointment we were able to admire the fantastic work done on vehicles, styles and fashion present in Night City. The information provided by the developers has shown once again how the work and care invested in every mechanic and game element seems to be truly of a high standard. So let's review and deepen what we discovered in the recent episode of Night City Wire, hoping that the developers have managed to integrate all these excellent features well into what promises to be one of the candidates for the game of the year and perhaps also of the current generation. .

Different types of vehicles

In a futuristic open world, an original and well inspired car fleet could not be missing. Each vehicle in the game offers a unique appearance, but also a very different driving model from other cars. The aesthetic aspect, both external and internal, has been differentiated into five main categories of vehicles, each with particular characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. In particular we find the Economy class, characterized by cars without particular futuristic technologies and without expensive materials, obviously available at an affordable price for the population of Night City. Executive vehicles, on the other hand, are old-fashioned cars with several futuristic customizations and mechanical modifications to immediately attract the attention of passers-by. Even the heavy vehicles of the Heavy Duty category could not be missing, in which we find trucks and similar monsters of power and weight to be able to carry heavy loads or to break through some police checkpoints.

For lovers of high speed there are Sport cars with aspirated or hybrid engines with hundreds of horsepower and many customization possibilities in order to increase the performance in the races offered by the game. Finally, the Hypercars combine the speed of sports cars with high endurance and driving precision, but they are definitely the most expensive on the market. The developers have confirmed that there will be numerous races within the video game, both within Night City where more engine power and maneuverability will be needed, and in the Badlands where we will have to rely on the performance of our off-road vehicle. All cars can be purchased at the numerous dealerships and dealers in the game. For those who do not like to spend money on transport, they can still count on their thief skills to try to steal the best cars directly under the noses of the richest citizens of Night City.

The sound of engine

In addition to the visual aspect, the developers have hired a special team to sample hundreds of sounds coming from real cars, in order to make the sound in the game as faithful and realistic. These technicians were able to get their hands on several vehicles, placing numerous microphones both outside in the engine compartment, near the wheels and the exhaust, and in the passenger compartment of the car. Taking advantage of the driving skills of the famous Polish driver Tomek Czopik, they then sampled the sounds of the cars while they were racing and during the ignition phase. To differentiate the sound as much as possible, different types of cars were taken into consideration, from muscle cars to classic utility cars, passing through drift cars, sports cars and buggies. The team hired for this job stated that they have never sampled the sound of so many cars for a game that doesn't belong to the racing genre.

The original model of the Porche 911 from 1977 was also introduced through a special collaboration, featured in the game as Jonny Silverhands' (Keanu Reeves) car. A maniacal job has been done on this car and the sound in the video game will be completely faithful to the real counterpart. Finally, another collaboration was announced with ARCH Motorcycles, a company that produces customized motorcycles according to the needs and tastes of the end customer. CD Project Red directly asked Keanu Reeves, co-founder of ARCH, to make a motorcycle that could fit well into the world of Cyberpunk 2077. So a modern prototype was created from which the sounds were then sampled in the same way as the cars. mentioned above. From that base the different motorcycles present in the video game were then created, each with a truly captivating appearance.

Styles and fashion

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077 different styles and fashions, which have characterized clothing, cars, weapons, technological grafts, home interiors and much more. In particular we will see four different styles starting from the older one called Kitsch, famous for colored hair, illuminated tattoos, chrome surfaces and materials with the motto "it must be beautiful, even if not very functional". Entropism was born from Kitsch following the war, a style aimed at survival where people wear rags of all kinds and fashion takes a back seat.

Subsequently, Neomilitarism appeared with a serious and professional style, linked both to the military world and to large companies and multinationals. It is a rather luxurious style, mainly present in the more affluent parts of Night City with the motto "substance comes before fashion". Finally, the Neokitsch comes from celebrities, singers, TV stars and the rich, who have abandoned the elegance and seriousness of Neomilitarism to return to the roots of kitsch, bringing a bit of novelty to this dated style.

Cosplay and Stadia

Before concluding the Night City Wire Episode 4 the developers have dedicated a small space to the cosplay contest organized for Cyberpunk 2077. In the past few weeks, several finalists have been selected, which together they made a truly breathtaking video with their costumes based on the videogame world. After the final selection, the top three winners will receive as a prize a weapon present in the game, precisely reproduced both in appearance and in size. After being announced the arrival of Cyberpunk 2077 for Google Stadia, we have finally had the confirmation that the video game will also be available at launch on this cloud platform. We just have to wait for the next episode of the Night City Wire, before we can enjoy the video game in just over a month, more precisely next November 19th.

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