TIM's 5G at the last stage of the Giro d'Italia

TIM's 5G at the last stage of the Giro d'Italia
In this 2020, which for obvious reasons also forced to downsize the expectations related to the rollout of 5G, operators have not ceased their commitment to setting up the networks and are now starting to flex their muscles to make people understand what the real potential of the next generation mobile network. TIM will do it tomorrow, Sunday 25 October in Milan, on the occasion of the final stage of the Giro d'Italia.

5G in the pink jersey: the TIM network for an experience at the Giro d'Italia

A multimedia space will be set up at the Open Village in Piazza Castello in which to follow the time trial via a smartphone connected to 5G in multistreaming mode, being able to simultaneously enjoy videos in 4K resolution, at 360 degrees and in all other traditional formats, both live and on-demand. The experience is designed to give visitors the feeling of being on the path alongside the runners, thanks to footage taken with special cameras installed and via a drone that will follow the race (the latter also broadcast live on Rai).
The 5G TIM protagonist at the Giro d'Italia in Milan. On Sunday, visitors to the TIM stand in Piazza Castello will be able to experience the final stage at 360 ° thanks to the innovative services enabled. Filming of the cyclists will also be via drone and available for live broadcast on RAI. #TIMStampa

- TIM Newsroom (@TIMnewsroom) October 23, 2020

On the occasion, the telco will also show two highly innovative technological solutions: the Home Doctor app for real-time health monitoring capable of interfacing with wearable devices and the Comau MATE exoskeleton, a designed to improve the ergonomics of the workstation by reducing fatigue especially of the shoulder and arm muscles.

Source: TIM

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