Ticket To Ride: Amsterdam: the review

Ticket To Ride: Amsterdam: the review
Amsterdam, in the 17th century, was the richest city in the world. Goods from everywhere pile up on the docks, in the holds of ships and in warehouses scattered around the city. Who will establish the best and most profitable trade routes? Who will become the King of Commerce in Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam?


In the Ticket to Ride: Amsterdam box, all the pieces are in place. Each game component has its own space and both the set up and the rearrangement are very fast. The writing "Amsterdam" in the corner inside the package is very valuable. The box, very beautiful to look at thanks to the drawings that surround it, is not bulky and is the right size to be carried comfortably in a backpack.

beautiful and elegant box

How to play

Ticket to Ride Amsterdam features the same rules as the original Ticket to Ride, a simple, quick to learn and damn effective formula. In this stand alone title, which does not require any other games from the Ticket to Ride series, the Merchandise Bonus cards are introduced that will help players get more points at the end of the game.

Merchandise Bonus Cards Each player will have at least a goal to be completed by the end of the game and to succeed, he will have to connect one or more lines of Amsterdam using the carts of his own color. Each trader, to control a line, must discard a series of Transport cards corresponding to the number of squares of the chosen line in order to place his carts.

The Goal Cards When a player ends his turn with two or less carts, the last round starts at the end of which the points are counted to decree the winner of Ticket to Ride Amsterdam!

Transport cards

Commerce is everything.

Ticket to Ride Amsterdam has several advantages that make it a really nice and highly replayable title. First, the rules are really learned in a snap (just as the game box suggests) and are within everyone's reach. Although they always remain the same as the "mother" title, they are still fresh and fun and allow you to dive into the chaotic Amsterdam with disarming speed.

The cart lines to obtain the Bonus cards Material fast and lean matches. A play, even with novice players at the table, will hardly exceed half an hour and guarantees the possibility of being able to play more games during the same game session.

Ticket to Ride Amsterdam , presents a depth of play that perhaps new players miss but which is always very appreciated by old players. Putting sticks between the carts is very necessary to prevent someone from connecting long lines or complete objectives and checking the lines with the cart symbol first allows you to collect the greedy Bonus Goods cards that give a good amount of points at the end of the game. However, each player must always be careful to complete their objectives since even in Ticket to Ride Amsterdam, when one or more objectives are not completed, points are deducted from the final sum.

The names of the places in Amsterdam generate a little confusion during the first games, but you get used to the colorful names of the various areas very quickly. This gives an even deeper sense of immersion, making the games even more fun.

Game recommended for…

Ticket to Ride Amsterdam is a suitable title, for hands down, to all fans of the original Ticket to Ride, as it is very reminiscent of the original game but streamlines it thanks to a more contained scoreboard, thus allowing shorter and even more ferocious games. The game is, truly, suitable for all types of players. Ideal for beginners because it represents a "ticket" to start traveling in the thick world of table games and also suitable for the most seasoned players since it has a considerable depth that will leave satisfied even those looking for the wildest competition.


Ticket to Ride Amsterdam is a really good title. Easy, fast, suitable for everyone, very deep and with a really elegant box, both inside and out. A game that allows multiple games, even consecutive ones, and that is hardly boring.

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