PS5, OFFICIAL Teardown: the console disassembled, let's discover its secrets

PS5, OFFICIAL Teardown: the console disassembled, let's discover its secrets
In recent months, Sony Interactive Entertainment has maintained a very precise strategy regarding its new gaming console, PS5. PlayStation revealed the information about the console with a dropper and, unlike the Xbox Series X, we didn't get to see it inside. Now, however, an official video has been available showing Yasuhiro Ootori, VP of the Mechanical Desing Dept. of Sony's hardware design division, disassembling the console!

PS5 | The disassembled console

First of all, let's see together the video in which Ootori disassembles PS5, piece by piece. It is obviously remembered at the beginning that you should not try to do the same at home: not only will the warranty be invalidated, but there is a risk of getting hurt.


In departure, we are also reminded what the dimensions of the PS5 are: 104 mm x 390 mm x 260 mm. As we all know, it is bigger than PlayStation 4. The size of the console has caused discussion in recent months. However, it is promised that progress has been made in terms of silence.

Ports and sockets

We can see that there are two USB ports on the front: a Type-C (SuperSpeed ​​10 Gbps) and a Type A (Hi-Speed). On the back we have two USB Type A (SuperSpeed ​​10 Gbps), a LAN port, an HDMI and the power input. It is also shown that both the front and the back have vents for the passage of air.

The support

The support to keep the console stable is also shown. As far as vertical, the holder is screwed. If you are not using it in portrait format, the base has a space to store the screw and not risk losing it.

If you want to use it in landscape format, simply rotate the base and hook it in the indicated point via a groove on the edge of the console.

The side panels

The side panels can be removed by the user himself by simply pressing. Both the reader side and the "secondary" side are easily removable: this suggests that customization and, above all, replacement with official alternative versions will be very simple.


We can also see the ventilation fan, which will be able to draw air from both the right and left sides. It also has two dust collectors: through the convenient inputs it will be possible to vacuum the dust.

The fan, as you can see around 1:30, measures 120 mm in diameter and is 45 mm thick.

The cooling system is also liquid metal. Sony calls it "one of the components that required the most creativity when designing." Liquid metal is usually more performing than the classic thermal paste, but it also lasts less over time.

To dissipate we do not have a Vapor Chamber, but a rather large Heat Sink, which could work very well, but also generate more "noise" than a vapor chamber system.

Memory expansion

We can see that an M.2 interface is available for future storage expansion with PCle 4.0 support.

Tell us, what do you think of PS5 after watching this video?

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