The smart backpack from Samsonite and Google

The smart backpack from Samsonite and Google

Available in two versions, it recognizes hand gestures and allows you to manage music tracks, interact with Big G's assistant and take pictures

Remember the Jacquard technology developed by Google to connect the articles on which it is fixed the tag, so that the products react to the wearer's gesture? Launched more than four years ago and came to the fore with the Levi's Trucker jacket, with the movements of the right hand on the left cuff (where the tag is integrated) to interact via app with the smartphone placed in the pocket to take pictures, activate the assistant by Google and manage music playback, the special catalog is now enriched with Konnect-i by Samsonite, a backpack identical to the others for shapes and aesthetics but different for the presence of the touch-sensitive tag on the left shoulder strap, with the space in which to insert it marked from raised lines, to customize some gestures.

Available in two versions, slim and standard, with the first slightly smaller and equipped with a vertical hinge, while the standard offers a horizontal one. The backpack has various pockets, including the largest for storing a 15.6-inch laptop, and vibrates when the Jacquard module is installed, however, before using it, the desired actions must be configured with the app for iOS and Android assign to (for now) four recognized gestures: send notifications for incoming calls and messages, treat yourself to a selfie and the other functions mentioned above.

In addition to the Levi's jacket, Jacquard technology has also been integrated into the insoles smart Adidas GMR and the Cit-E backpack by Yves Saint Laurent, which however is considerably more expensive than the Samsonite pair. The first costs 880 dollars, while the two models of the company founded in 1910 in Denver are on sale on the company website, and only for the US market, at a price of 199 and 219 dollars.

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