The 500 euro Internet and PC Bonus postponed to November

The 500 euro Internet and PC Bonus postponed to November
It was in the air, now it's official: the disbursement of the first 500 euro bonuses (or Internet and PC bonuses) has been postponed to November. Delays have accumulated compared to what was initially announced as the website of the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization announced today.

During the month of November 2020, eligible families will be able to start use vouchers up to 500 euros to get fast Internet connectivity and a personal computer or tablet.

500 euros bonus: the first vouchers in November

A little over a month ago there was talk of the end of September, then the documentation relating to the platform for operators confirmed the postponement at the end of October. Now the Ultra Broadband Committee chaired by Paola Pisano has given a mandate to Infratel to "act so that citizens can take advantage of the benefits deriving from vouchers as soon as possible".

We remind you that in the so-called Phase 1 of the Voucher Plan contribution will be recognized to families with ISEE less than 20,000 euros. Phase 2 will then follow, which will extend the audience of beneficiaries, reaching also the companies that meet certain requirements, in a manner still being defined (the resolution is expected shortly).

In today's press release there is also a reference to School Plan which provides the necessary resources to make ultra-broadband accessible in the country's schools. These are the words of Pisano who underlines the importance of bringing connectivity to hospitals and local health facilities in a short time, also in light of the health crisis that is making its grip felt again.

I am satisfied with the decisions taken today by the Ultra Broadband Committee to accelerate the deployment of the fiber network. There are still areas of our country without any structure for connectivity. This problem will be solved thanks to an intervention by Open Fiber. Ultra-broadband connection must be brought to all schools as soon as possible, not just a part. Especially at this stage, I consider it essential to help healthcare facilities develop new remote medicine services, useful for increasing the well-being of our society. more important insights on the topic:

the PDF of the application to be filled in, present to operators; the first operators who confirmed their participation in the initiative (TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE); the distribution of resources in the regions of Italy; connection requirements; PC and tablet requirements; Questions and answers . Source: MiD

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