Gaming keyboard for less than € 20 on Amazon

Gaming keyboard for less than € 20 on Amazon
Who said that to have a good gaming keyboard you have to spend big amounts? Amazon comes to your rescue with an interesting timed offer regarding the WisFox keyboard of the Keycap which presents a very aggressive style and top of the range features.

WisFox gaming keyboard in great offer on Amazon

Thanks to the new patented laser carving technology, Keycap uses an innovative lighting method with LED backlight which leads to a great gaming atmosphere. The coloring is adjustable thanks to different modes that allow both permanent and automatic lighting for your every need.

The keyboard is equipped with 12 quick keys that facilitate play and work operations, but also the improvement of the audio and video quality. The conflict-free design of all keys in wired mode allows you to press any number of keys simultaneously, ensuring that every command is recorded and executed exactly and quickly to deliver an optimal gaming experience.

The whole WisFox keyboard is made of high quality metal material, which is shockproof and wear resistant. The rubbery coating adds a delicate feel and makes the keyboard ultra-thin and water drop resistant so you don't have to worry about keyboard malfunction in the event of an accidental spill. The keyboard is also tested for a usability that reaches 10 million pressures.

Finally, it is a Plug & Play device and there is no software support because everything can be adjusted using the appropriate buttons. It is compatible with all Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Take advantage of this interesting Amazon flash offer to bring it home at a cost of 18.39 euros.

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