500 euro bonus: AIRES, appeal to Antitrust and TAR?

500 euro bonus: AIRES, appeal to Antitrust and TAR?
In recent days, AIRES (Italian Association of Specialized Appliances Retailers) announced that it has taken into consideration the desire to appeal to the Antitrust and the TAR, questioning the validity of the methods of disbursement of the so-called 500 euro Bonus provided for by Phase 1 of the Voucher Plan : the finger is pointed against the exclusion of retailers.

AIRES: the 500 euro Bonus leaves retailers out

In short, consumers who want to benefit from the contribution will necessarily have to choose one of the offers proposed by operators (among others TIM, Vodafone and WINDTRE are coming), passing through their sales channels for the presentation of the application (the PDF form is already available).

This is the dynamic that called into question by AIRES which invokes a rethinking of the Government regarding the methods of assigning the bonus asking for the suspension of the measure.

It should be noted that the sum will be recognized to Italian families (with ISEE less than 20,000 euros) and exclusively upon signing a new connectivity contract and that the supply of a PC or tablet is accessory. In other words, it is not an intervention aimed at encouraging the purchase of new hardware devices, but to promote the spread of ultra-broadband by countering the phenomenon of the digital divide that still afflicts an important part of the country and the population.

Following the AIRES intervention in which the intention to appeal was announced, dated 15 October, no further updates were disclosed. In the meantime, the process for the disbursement of bonuses is proceeding: the first vouchers should arrive by the end of the month. The site to keep an eye on is that of Infratel Italia which should soon include all the details relating to the individual offers.

Source: AIRES

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