Teams: the ARM version available for download

Teams: the ARM version available for download
As promised, Teams is now available for download also in its version optimized for devices that leverage a hardware sector with ARM architecture. For example, this is the case of the Surface Pro X equipped with the processor made in collaboration with Qualcomm. The download can be done simply by connecting to the official website of the service.

The version of Teams for ARM is ready

To announce it is Bill Weidenborner, Senior PM of Microsoft, with a post shared on LinkedIn. Until now, on devices with ARM heart for the use of Teams it has been necessary to rely on the emulation of the 32-bit version of the client with obvious consequent limitations in terms of performance. We remind you that the Windows 10 on ARM operating system will soon introduce support for 64-bit ones.

In doing so, the Redmond group aims to further improve support for Teams and the compatibility of the service with the devices in circulation. It is one of the platforms that have benefited most from the dynamics triggered by the global health crisis from the beginning of the year to today, with a race to adopt tools for working from home in smart working, for studying with remote teaching methods. (or integrated digital teaching) and more generally for remote communication.

Among the latest innovations introduced, the Breakout Rooms to create sub-working groups within the same meeting, new features for privacy and notifications , integration of the Lists app and that of TeamViewer.

Source: Bill Weidenborner on LinkedIn

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