Samsung Galaxy S30 could debut sooner than expected

Samsung Galaxy S30 could debut sooner than expected

This could be the name and not S21, here are all the previews on the new flagship (arriving in January) and the first photos

(Photo: Steve Hemmerstoffer) Samsung has two surprises in store for 2021, the the first concerns the name of its next top of the range and the second the launch window: the clues in fact turn to the initials Samsung Galaxy S30 instead of S21 and a debut in January instead of February. Leaks also emerge that show how the design of the future flagship could be renewed.

Galaxy S30 would therefore be the official name of the smartphone so far indicated as S21, following a nomenclature strategy that rewards the round number as the most effective expression of a renewal from the previous generation. We would follow the path traced last year with the leap from Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S20 and from Note 10 to Note 20.

According to local sources, Samsung would have organized the calendar a month in advance , starting mass production in December so as to deliver the first batches of units in January. Until last year, February was the month dedicated to the presentation of the new flagship member of the Galaxy S family, but in the post-pandemic year - with the delays that have characterized the whole of 2020 - a reverse trend could be recorded.

(Photo: Steve Hemmerstoffer) There should be two models prepared together with the standard one, you can give for sure the S30 Pro with more generous display diagonal, larger battery and more performance while there is a ballot between the more compact, simple and economical S30 Mini model and the S30 Ultra model with state-of-the-art hardware and very high price. The codenames of the devices are O1, P3 and T2 while the colors should be gray, pink, purple, white and silver. Above a render that would show the design, with a restyling of the rear camera, while the dimensions of the standard model would be 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9 mm.

Together with the new range of smartphones, the new generation of Galaxy Buds 2 true wireless earphones which would bring a much sought after improvement such as water and dust resistance with IP68 certification.

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