RTX 3090 is the first to reach 4K 60 FPS with this game

RTX 3090 is the first to reach 4K 60 FPS with this game
Before the very recent Control, Remedy Entertainment had already floundered between a type of science fiction story and full of mysteries to unravel with Quantum Break. The title originally released exclusively on Xbox One, later arrived on PC showing all its muscles. Not only is it a game with a solid action sector, but also the visual component has been treated in a truly impeccable way, and today, thanks to an RTX 3090 card, the Remedy title gives its best.

What, however, make Quantum Break even more particular are the components that are needed to ensure that you can play at full power. From what emerges in the new video published by youtuber Bang4BuckPC Gamer, to enjoy 100% of what the Remedy title has to offer graphically you need to have mounted an Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card; in short, the top of Nvidia's choice.

By publishing the video on their Youtube channel, the user was able to witness how Quantum Break runs smoothly at a resolution of 4K and 60 FPS thanks to an RTX 3090 card. it is also specified, the settings of the Remedy title have been set to Ultra, and even in the most excited moments the title does not even have a drop in frames or some hesitation; apart from some rare and almost imperceptible drop.

Certainly the Finnish development team has made some progress since Quantum Break, especially on optimization, an element that in Control has never been doubted and already ready to support the latest technologies. What do you think of the recent Quantum Break performances shown on video? Tell us your opinion about it by leaving us a comment in the dedicated section.

If you don't have a good enough PC but you absolutely want to play the Remedy title, you can buy Quantum Break in the Xbox One version at an unbeatable price on Amazon at this address.

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