PS5: Sony says more about its Tempest 3D audio technology

PS5: Sony says more about its Tempest 3D audio technology
At the beginning of September, Sony mentioned the audio engine of the PS5, the Tempest 3D Audio Tech. This one promises 3D sound to users, and if it will be necessary to wait until you can try the hardware to make sure that this technology works, Sony is saying a little more today.

In a new article Published on the PlayStation Blog, Isabelle Tomatis tells us that this technology "will revolutionize the sound environment of games", before highlighting the PULSE 3D wireless headset, cut to make maximum use of Tempest 3D Audio Tech. However, Isabelle Tomatis specifies that other helmets will be able to benefit from it. According to him, headsets and wired can use 3D audio by being connected to the console in USB or to the controller via the 3.5mm jack output.

When the console is released, this will be the only way to get 3D sound, but we are told that Sony is working on implementing a feature that allows televisions to output sound virtual surround. The availability of this surround sound on TV, however, has not been dated. Finally, Isabelle Tomatis specifies that many titles have already planned to use Tempest 3D Audio Tech, among which:

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Astro's Playroom Gran Turismo 7 Returnal Destruction AllStars Demon's Souls Remake Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Sackboy: A Big Adventure Resident Evil Village

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