Guide to the cloud: everything you need to know

Guide to the cloud: everything you need to know
The cloud is taking on an increasingly central role in our daily life. Smartphones and tablets have in fact revolutionized the concept of using data. There is an increasing need to consult photographs, documents, videos and projects on the move. The classic methods of archiving (physical memories) are no longer able to meet these needs and it is no coincidence that in recent years, large hi-tech companies have launched into the magical world of the cloud. The result is that today it is possible to subscribe to dozens of services based on this technology, which has now invaded the most diverse sectors. As we will see, referring to the simple concept of storage has become an understatement.

What is the cloud How cloud storage works and where the data is located The advantages of the cloud Deployment models Common examples of cloud services storage Cloud storage: pros and cons Pros Cons Examples of Cloud-based services

What is cloud

The cloud, or more precisely cloud computing (literally "cloud computing"), is a service offered from a set of computers (servers, to be precise) that can also be scattered around the world. Something that, in the past, was made available by machines located in the same physical place. This evolution was possible thanks to the incredible improvement of the network infrastructure, which today can count on optical fiber and technology unimaginable up to a decade ago.
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