PS4: Firmware update 7.55 available for download

PS4: Firmware update 7.55 available for download
PS4 has got a new firmware update that brings the console system software to version 7.55, available for download in these hours and with automatic activation at startup or in the background, but it does not seem to bring any noticeable changes.

As often happens for system updates identified with decimal numbers beyond the comma, also in this case it is a rather modest update, at least from the point of view of common use by users.

There are no noticeable changes to the naked eye, because in fact the 7.55 firmware brings with it only a few changes under the hood of PS4, with the description only mentioning an "improvement in system performance". It is likely that this update will also bring with it the correction to some serious problems that some players encountered following the 7.50 firmware.

It seems to be, therefore, the classic case of a corrective update intended to improve system stability, cleaning elements of the code for the operating system and improving other components that do not actually change the user experience, except for any bug fixes that have emerged for some players.

In the meantime we look forward to the 8.0 update which is currently in testing and should bring more substantial changes, as befits the main updates for the PS4 system software. At this point, it could be one of the latest updates, considering the imminence of PS5 by now.


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