PS5: Differences from Xbox Series X explained by Digital Foundry

PS5: Differences from Xbox Series X explained by Digital Foundry
Sony presented, last week, the teardown of its console: PS5. The next-generation gaming machine has generous shapes and sizes, and it was interesting to discover the internal secrets. Now, Digital Foundry is also commenting on the issue: through a YouTube video, the magazine “tells” PS5 piece by piece. Ready to find out their opinions?

PS5 | Digital Foundry

First of all, Digital Foundry highlights the difference in the line of approach between Sony and Microsoft. The Redmond company has in fact allowed Digital Foundry not only to see Xbox Series X live, but also to mount it. Sony instead showed the PS5 teardown on video. Obviously, it was not an ordinary person who did this, but Yasuhiro Ootori, VP of the Mechanical Design division of SIE, creator of multiple Sony patents (such as the long-known PS5 dev kit) and responsible for the PS4 teardown in 2013.

But let's talk about PS5 in and of itself. The main challenges were those related to heat and noise. Sony has opted for a "more conventional" approach with a motherboard arranged on a single piece that is larger in size than the Xbox Series X

Another aspect that was of great importance to Sony was the construction of the card mother of PlayStation 5. The Japanese company wanted to stay on the traditional even in this juncture, proposing a single large piece that would allow both to space out all the various components as best as possible, and to disperse the heat generated by the machine more easily . Furthermore, to bring further savings, there would also be the size chosen for the SoC, which according to Digital Foundry could lower production costs.

What emerges from this recent release of Digital Foundry shows us how much Sony has remained more anchored to traditional choices by adding something where needed; while the Redmon company wanted to dare much more, also trying to reinvent itself in a distant approach compared to Sony's with PlayStation 5.

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