INPS: phishing campaign in progress, be careful

INPS: phishing campaign in progress, be careful
In the period of bonuses and contributions, even the bad guys are organizing themselves accordingly with scams designed ad hoc to deceive the less savvy. The umpteenth confirmation comes from the Postal Police with the warning regarding a phishing campaign that relies on an elusive 600 euro bank transfer issued by INPS and waiting to be collected.

INPS and bank transfer from 600 euro: beware of the scam

The text of the message received is as shown below. It mentions "incorrect bank details" and the need to update their data by confirming the identity to get the money. The sender appears to be Attached is a link that we strongly urge you not to open as it is in effect a scam.

We are pleased to announce that we have issued the bank transfer in your favor ID CVD - IT -SP - 12334124/2020 € 600.00 from INPS - unfortunately your bank details are not correct to receive the transfer - update your details and confirm your identity by accessing the link attached in this email - Immediately update the information on the button below.

A click and the subsequent filling in of a form would almost certainly result in the sending of personal or sensitive information to those who intend to use it for criminal purposes. We would like to remind you that for communications with the National Institute of Social Security, it is advisable to refer only and exclusively to the official website accessible at

Source: Postal Police

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