PlayStation Plus October 2020: Vampyr and Need for Speed ​​Payback

PlayStation Plus October 2020: Vampyr and Need for Speed ​​Payback


Vampyr Need for Speed ​​Payback October 2020 arrivals and departures The PlayStation Plus catalog is updated in October 2020 with two really interesting games: on the one hand Vampyr, the action RPG developed by Dontnod Entertainment , set in dark and haunting Victorian London; on the other Need for Speed ​​Payback, penultimate episode of the famous arcade racer series by Electronic Arts.

A selection that has convinced the readers of According to our survey, the answer is yes: 34% of users are quite satisfied with the two titles, 23% very satisfied, for a total of 57% of those who have provided their opinion.


London, 1918: the esteemed physician Jonathan Reid finds himself wandering the city in the grip of visions, realizing that he had been transformed into a vampire only after biting a loved one who was looking for him. the piles of corpses of the Spanish flu. Desperate but also hunted by bloodsucker hunters, he flees in search of a safe haven and discovers that he has obtained superhuman abilities.

Man will have to employ these abilities and all his resources in order to find who has it made a monster. Fortunately, he will be able to count on the help of Edgar Swansea, director of Pembroke Hospital, who will offer him a place at the facility, strictly on the night shift, to cover his missions within a dark and restless city.

Vampyr mixes a multifaceted system of dialogue, choices and consequences with a very solid and compelling action RPG setting. The protagonist of the game will have to choose who to sacrifice and who to save to satisfy his bloodlust, and face the result of his actions: the neighborhoods involved could become unstable and even more dangerous.

A solid progression system will allow us to gradually unlock new powers and attack maneuvers, to be used to get the better of the fearsome vampire hunters that patrol London and the infernal creatures that move in favor of the darkness. What is the greatest threat, us or them?

Need for Speed ​​Payback

When his gang of pilots is routed by the Lodge, Tyler promises to take revenge. And so, against the backdrop of Fortune Valley, the protagonist of Need for Speed ​​Payback decides to get a fast car again and to mess up the plans to conquer the criminal organization that controls the casinos, the underground races and even the police.

To succeed in the difficult mission, Tyler will be joined by Mac and Jess, two other pilots specialized in as many categories of events: alternating in command of the three characters we will therefore be able to try our hand at street races, offroad and drag, for a experience that is always quite varied and tries from time to time to change the cards on the table.

October 2020 arrivals and departures

No longer available on PlayStation Plus from 6 October
Street Fighter V
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Available on PlayStation Plus October 6th


Need for Speed ​​Payback

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