PC market, Covid effect: record growth in 2020

PC market, Covid effect: record growth in 2020
The personal computer market is fully experiencing the "Covid" effect that had already been glimpsed since the beginning of the year. With the arrival of the first lockdowns and the emergence of the pandemic, in fact, consumption plummeted and for the PC market (already largely saturated for years), a season full of uncertainties was thus opening. However, a rebound was expected at the end of the year, something that nevertheless occurred on an even larger scale than estimated.

Canalys: PC market in strong growth

What happened was fully caused by the Covid is photographed as follows by Canalys data:

An evident collapse at the beginning of the year, a striking recovery in the second half of the season, finally closing the third quarter with a + 13% over the year antecedent.

The brands that are benefiting most of the moment are Lenovo and HP, both with over 20% of the market in their hands (and both up 11% year on year); Dell stops at 15% (practically stable), Apple at 8.1% (with a + 13.2% seasonal); Acer closes this picture with 7.1%, but with a 15% growth market.

Growth is solid in terms of notebooks and the emergence of smart working globally is destined to prolong the positive trend that the sector is experiencing. In short: good news for the brands concerned, because there is a sudden revolution that is about to involve the sector and the PC seems to have returned to the center of attention: for some, 2020 may also have good news.

Source : Canalys

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