Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy, some tips to perform at best

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy, some tips to perform at best
While we await the arrival of the Tachanka rework in an official way (it is already available on the TTS servers, in fact) in the second part of the season, Operation Shadow Legacy continues to be the center of attention for the most active fans of Rainbow Six Siege. For this reason, today we offer you some useful tips for a pleasant survival within an operation that has brought numerous innovations with it.

Study the map

For many it will be obvious, but underline it is a must: knowing the maps on Rainbow Six is ​​essential. The Chalet map rework has produced numerous changes to a historical map and which was therefore played with a series of automatisms that will be found. Take your time and study the angles, weaknesses and smart new spots with which to surprise your opponents. If you are not a lone wolf, take advantage of this time to refine the synergies with your companions and study the best strategies, but also alternatives to never get caught unprepared for any eventuality.

Learn to use Zero

Zero (aka Sam Fisher) is a versatile and incredibly flexible operator. His gadget can provide a lot of information to teammates both with calls and in combos with the new pings if you play alone. Understanding how to make the most of its peculiarities, its gadget and how to manage its weapons will guarantee you excellent benefits. Knowing how to use all the agents is a key point of the game in general, learning to master Zero could give you an extra advantage given its extreme usefulness.

Get used to the new sights

One of the great news of Operation Shadow Legacy has certainly been the overhaul of the sights. The new optics are decidedly more performing and adapt to numerous eventualities in an effective and layered way. Study them, try them out and get used to aiming with these new sights. As always, the important thing is to find the best lens for you but above all for your style of play. It is important to understand that each of the sights could offer you different possibilities and therefore evaluate them according to the weapons you will use will be necessary.

The possibilities of the mini breach charges

One of the big news of this new operation were the mini breach charges assigned to some of the available attackers. Studying the best uses could give you a great in-game advantage. From what we have been able to see it is not so much the creation of an opening itself that makes the difference, but the creation of alternative lines of fire in flanking situations, for example. Studying the best points in which to detonate them based on the possible reinforcements of the defenders, a priori, could therefore be a great way to be prepared.


Now more than ever in Rainbow Six gameplay it is essential to take advantage of rotations to get around opponents and become more easily unpredictable. For this reason it is a must to learn how to create the right gates to surprise the enemy, or study the alternative routes that can lead you to one point on the map rather than another. In a meta like the current one, knowing how to make the right rotations is essential when defending.


The last piece of advice we would like to give you is to use all the tools at your disposal. provision for in-game communication. In Rainbow Six team play is fundamental and therefore the communication of elements in the game and / or situations can make the difference. However, if you are a lone wolf and cannot communicate by voice, it is really advisable to use the ping system. With Shadow Legacy the in-game signaling system of hot spots, gadgets and enemies has been revised. Indicating well and communicating promptly could make the difference between victory and defeat, so study well how the new system works and try to communicate as effectively as possible through it.

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