Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy, the Tachanka rework

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy, the Tachanka rework
Announced yesterday during the Rainbow Six European League, Tachanka's eagerly awaited rework has finally been shown. The fourth Russian operator and Spetsnaz defender can finally return to have his say in a goal that has always excluded him due to his being extremely limited. But what has actually been done to the famous "Lord" to make him enter by right among the eligible candidates in the defensive quintet? Let's see it together.

Old Lord new habits

Let's start with the equipment. Lord Tachanka now owns a DP27 as his primary weapon, which is a Light Machine Gun with drum magazine that resembles his old shielded machine gun, but which is now no longer his main skill but his weapon. Alternatively (useless given the possibilities offered by the DP27) a classic 9x19VSN submachine gun. As a sidearm we have a choice between the classic Russian operators PMM pistol and a GSH-18. Finally, as a secondary gadget, either the barbed wire or the proximity alarm. The real novelty though is its primary gadget: the Shumikha Incendiary Grenade Launcher.

This grenade launcher will have a magazine of 10 incendiary grenades that will function as a real portable mini-Goyo. In fact, the area of ​​effect of the fire is very reminiscent of that of Goyo's incendiary shield or that of Capitao's arrows. The peculiarity is the possibility of making the grenades bounce. In fact, they will not explode on initial impact but on the second impact with a surface. Last introduction for Tachanka is the possibility, if he is landed by the fire, to get up with 5HP as in the case of Zofia.

If on the one hand, therefore, the novelties related to the character already make us understand how Tachanka is now much more competitive, it is from the analysis of what these introductions entail that one can understand the extent of these structural changes of the operator . Not only is the Lord now in effect an Area Denial like Smoke (and this could be a replacement for the English operator) but thanks to its huge Shumikha magazine it can also offer initial locking solutions. In fact, it is possible to try to stop the players even outside closed places (clearly with the right trajectories and the right spots) through the wide range of the grenade launcher and the possibility of double bouncing.

Tachanka is not only this, however, in fact, inside the bomb areas it can create rotation thanks to its high impact DP27 weapon. A few shots will be enough (remember that the weapon's magazine should be 210 bullets) to break walls and hatches and therefore the solutions offered by this weapon (at medium range) will be similar to those offered so far by some shotguns against defense structures. Last but not least the possibility of offering information. Having the proximity alarm for Tachanka means creating useful strategies for himself but also for others. First of all, the alarm could be used to know the exact point in which to detonate the grenade with a bounce and maximize its effectiveness. Secondly, however, it could be an excellent method to offer information to allies, perhaps focusing on other points.

The initial impressions are those of a decidedly "monstrous" operator who can really make a difference. Its greatest utility is the DP27: an extremely versatile weapon, capable of performing various actions and offering Tachanka the chance to become the first choice in any defensive quintet. Remembering that for now the changes to the Lord will be present only on the TTS servers, pending the official launch, what we have seen is definitely impactful. The Shumikha grenade launcher itself offers excellent possibilities given its two large five-grenade magazines, but it remains an effect similar to what has already been seen with the Goyo operators in defense and Capitao in attack. The difference and also its true unicum is its primary weapon, essential in every area.

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