HeroQuest is about to return and Hasbro communicates it with a countdown

HeroQuest is about to return and Hasbro communicates it with a countdown
HeroQuest is about to return and this time it is not a rumor, but official news. Avalon Hill and Hasbro have released a website showing the countdown to what will surely be the official announcement. On September 22, then, we will know what it is.

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At the moment we don't know much other than that the announcement will be made in ten exact days. The only clue could be given by the title of the countdown, or "The Quest is calling" which assumes the possibility not only of an official announcement, but also of a possible start of sales of the eventual game .

For those unfamiliar with HeroQuest, we are talking about a 1989 board game created by the Milton Bradley Company with the participation of Games Workshop. It had a Warhammer Fantasy setting and was essentially based on fantasy role-playing games where the master (called "Morcar" in the European version) created dungeons through the use of a board, tiles, furniture elements, doors and monsters. The purpose of the heroes was to fight the forces of Chaos, facing and carrying out various missions that took the name of enterprises.

The brand then passed to Avalon Hill, an American supplier of strategic board games of the caliber. of Diplomacy and Civilization, and therefore automatically to Hasbro after it bought the company in 1998.

So far there had been only rumors about a possible relaunch of the HeroQuest brand and at most the news of a LEGO set had come theme, but now we just have to find out how all this will happen. Will it be a board game? A video game remake of the 1991 title? If it were a board game, will it have the same mechanics as the old one, that is a classic dungeon crawler, or will there be some modernizations?

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