Photo Mode: what it is and what role it plays in games

Photo Mode: what it is and what role it plays in games
It is easy to say photo mode but this simple function, at first sight completely secondary, has played a fundamental role in the generation of consoles that we are leaving behind, and now we explain why.

We start in the say that the first games to take advantage of the photo mode were driving games, where ahead of time we also saw all the typical functions of real photography appear, such as the possibility to decide the aperture of the lens and everything else. The success was such that soon the other genres also started to introduce similar options, for an evolution that even led us to take the presence of the photo mode for granted, arriving to turn up their noses if the function is not present since so called "day one".


soon with the manufacturers of the hardware you have noticed the strength of the photo mode even dedicate a button, as did Sony, by adding the Share button on the pad the PlayStation 4. Decades that a software option is not arrived at so much and the reason is soon told: the photo mode is a form of advertising that is totally free. Look what happened at the beginning of this generation when Facebook and Twitter were flooded by shots of games for the PlayStation 4, while Xbox One has had to settle for a Mixer , or total invisibility. The strength of the photo mode is such that even Nintendo, it is noticed, and we all know very well how the japanese company is reluctant to enter functions that are not tied closely to the game played, let alone those that rely on external systems and that it has no control such as social networks. And instead here we are, with a Nintendo Switch is able to not only take pictures and record short clips with the push of a button, but also share them directly on social most popular. In Super Mario Odyssey , Nintendo has also introduced a photo mode of very good quality, with filters, zoom, and many other interesting options.

Shots viral

Take pictures in-game is beyond its impact on the market, a possibility truly extraordinary, able to make you retrace the adventures have just lived through ten, a hundred, a thousand shots, just as you would with a holiday. Who writes to you, has changed two pad PlayStation for having used the Share button after giga and giga of pictures taken in his favorite titles. There are those who even became popular thanks to the ability to record the instant, as for example happened to the guy who first met the Thargoid in Elite Dangerous.

No, the photo mode is much more that taking pictures in the teabagger turn...

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